Upcoming release from Eofauna (New for 2024)

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At very long last, Eofauna’s upcoming Tyrannosaurus SUE has been revealed! At 1:35 scale (34 cm x 13 cm) and with a removable base and a colour scheme by the remarkable paleoartist Andrey Atuchin, this one looks like a royal winner!

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  • When is Sue expected to be available?

  • 5 years ago – adefinite buy.

    Today – not so much, thank you. Why?

    Well, for starters we have PNSO and Haolonggood (I know, I know, H. has not done a TRex yet, but judging by their amazing Daspletosaurus – I will wait for it!)

    Don’t get me wrong – the proportions on this puppy are fine, the pose is OK, and while the the paint job is “meh”, its not a show-stopper … however:

    1. Soft details and,
    2. That infernal “curved mouth” that I cannot unsee;

    … make this one a “pass” for me. Hey – I made a rhyme. ;>)

  • I’m loving this T. rex. I’ll be purchasing it the instant it becomes available!

  • I get the “Battat color scheme vibe”, although the colors are a bit too scattered from this angle. I hesitate to leave my impressions because it is only based on this one view. I reserve the right to change my opinion (and will post if that’s the case) should the other angles disclose something I do not see from this one.

    The general body shape is OK, the head likewise, though the slope of the jaws seems … off a bit … not sure if the mouth will be able to close or not, and that will be a big influence on my final view.

    With the PNSO and (certainly upcoming Haolonggood) entries, this one comes up a bit short in the detail and paint scheme department. Props for giving it teeth covering skin (aka “lips”).

    I won’t be getting it for the same reason I did not get their Gganotosaurus – detail seems “soft” … they do much better with mammal sculpts ….

  • Not as chubby as the life size Sue restoration, which is a good thing in my view. Looks terrific; i’m sure this will be a winner for Eofauna.

  • Seems to be a splendid figure. I prefer an non-articulated jaw so as to avoid the seam, but can live with one if necessary. it’s hard to tell from this image – maybe Eofauna has found a way to make it quite unobtrusive with the paint work. I’m very glad that they didn’t ‘drop the ball’ on this figure, T-rex being such an iconic dinosaur and all. Definitely an acquisition.

  • @dinotoyblog Hmmm. Do the pubis and ischium fit within that body outline?

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