Upcoming release from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 3)

4.7 (42 votes)

The newest reveal from Haolonggood is the famous Canadian nodosaurid, Edmontonia. The sculpting on the plate armour and shoulder spikes looks positively stellar! As with previous releases, it will be available in two distinct colour schemes.

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Comments 3

  • Got my green variant today – its even more beautiful than the photos can show. Another stunner from the Halonggood gang! Keep ’em coming, guys!!!

  • Naturally the votes include the obligatory one star on this superb figure from the usual “fly in the ointment”, who puts their one star in virtually every HLG and PNSO review.

  • Halonggood is really stacking up an impressive lineup. At some point I’ll have to start “pulling the trigger” on these, and the Edmontonia will be one of the ones I will have to get.

    My Battat Edmontonia’s are getting lonesome on the shelf! ;>)

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