Upcoming release from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 6)

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Coming on the caudal of their O. megalodon is Haolonggood’s take on Dacentrurus, the second biggest known stegosaur after Stegosaurus itself. The sculpting looks superb as always and it’s hard to say which colour variant is the more appealing.

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  • I just got this one in the mail with 4 other Haolonggood figures (the first ones I’ve ever bought). I will order more from them tomorrow on “Black Friday”. I got the green Dacentrurus. Its “Tres Magnifique” … otherswise …

    Words fail me.

    Haolonggood has LAPPED PNSO, and I’ll tell you why:

    a. Accuracy wise, they are almost up to PNSO. I’ll still give PNSO a SLIGHT advantage there on some sculpts; BUT – then Haolonggood hits a ‘GRAND SLAM HOMERUN” with:

    b. THEIR. PAINT. JOBS. OMG – Words fail me. Out of this world doesn’t begin to describe the detail and beauty of their colors. And, at a MUCH lower price than PNSO’s offerings.

    Haolonggood is now #1 with me. And one more thing – the colors on the figures look much BETTER in person than even in their stock photos. Like, when has that ever happened before?!?

  • The more orange coloration will look great next to the PNSO Miragaia, since they’re closely related.

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