Upcoming release from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 7)

3.9 (36 votes)

Next up for Haolonggood is the iconic “meat-eating bull,” Carnotaurus. Sculpted in a walking pose and with an articulated lower jaw, it will come in either brown or grey. Yet another impressive job.

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Comments 6

  • Don’t like it as much as the superb PNSO model. But both suffer from the lack of teeth coverings (aka “lips”).

    Not buying any more theropods without them, no matter how good they look. (These smaller scales make “lipping” each figure a tedious endeavor. Have models to build – can’t be bothered to correct these).

    I suspect that this theropod “lips” business will eventually reach “critical mass” like feathers did – and then the companies will finally come around.

    I can wait.

  • First impression is very good for me. Might be one to grab.

  • I can’t erase the memory of that one Attenborough documentary where it does the funny dance.

  • There are a lot of good Carnotaurus toys on the market, but this looks like it could be one of the best yet.

    • Yet, it’s rating is only 3.9 after 14 votes. Years ago this would be a much higher rating. IMO, this comes as the result of giving too much weight to the very minor criticisms of it on the HLG thread. The critique is largely accurate, but there is too much of a tendency to loose sight of the forest because of the trees. This is a beautiful figure, but obsessing, on the part of some readers over the legitimate criticism and analysis of relatively minor details, some debatable, without qualifying one’s remarks, causes unnecessarily negative judgement of the overall worth of the figure. As another example, note the anger and frustration of another paleoartist over the same type of treatment given his Majungasaurus (Safari). Yeah, I’m saying that this is no mere 3.9 figure.

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