Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)

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PNSO’s second reveal for the year is Mungo the Meraxes! This giant carcharodontosaur was only described in 2022, so props to PNSO for being on top of the latest paleontology news. The grey colour scheme is pretty cool too, a welcome change from previous PNSO theropods.

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  • It may be somewhat strange that we are getting two new carcharodontosaurid figures, but they are both good in their respective ways: A new and updated Giganotosaurus that surpasses most every other Giganotosaurus figure and one known from complete remains that also happens to be the first of its kind. Also fun fact: Not long after the reveal of the CollectA Bajadasaurus, DTB Forum member Ravinorum stated that as far as they can remember, Bajadasaurus was the dinosaur that got a mass-produced figure the fastest since its official announcement and description (at least from time of description to time announcement of a figure), at about 277 days. Meraxes beats that record (yesterday, I calculated the amount of days since its official description date (July 7, 2022) and the day PNSO announced their figure of it (March 1, 2022), and I got 237 days) by 40 days. While there might have been some others in the past that may be the true record holder (such as CollectA’s 2011 Concavenator), I am unsure. But regardless, shoutout to PNSO for making a figure of a recently described dinosaur from decent remains.

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