Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 9)

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Finally, a new PNSO reveal that isn’t a tyrannosaurid! Say good day to Edward the Megalosaurus, a fine old chunk of Middle Jurassic England.

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  • Ssh, don’t let William Buckland hear this!

  • the lack of lips on pnso’s recent releases is just painful now… hopefully soon their theropods will be lipped :/

  • About time someone did a nice Megalosaurus. I think CollectA was the last company to do one, and the less said about that one the better. I might genuinely pick this one up.

  • A Megalosaurus! At last! Now, I can relate the story of it’s discovery:
    “I found a fossil! A really big lizard!”
    “What did you name it, Dr. Mantell?”
    “Uh, well…’Really Big Lizard’…”

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