Upcoming release from Safari Ltd. (New for 2023)(Pt. 2)

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Safari’s latest reveal is a repaint of their Kentrosaurus figure. Looks rather snazzy in orange and blue.

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  • I love it. I actually got the original Kentrosaurus back in 2007 at one of the few brick and mortar educational toy stores left, and just as this blog and forum were starting out. There’s just some toys from that era that are just iconic, and Kentrosaurus is one of them, even though it is not one of Safari’s best figures. I was also surprised to learn that it is hard to find. I’m surprised they are giving us a repaint, too. It had been a while. Last repaint from Safari was the Dino Dana T.rex, right? It is a goofy repaint, but it will be welcomed with open arms at the park.

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