Upcoming releases from Bullyland (New for 2012)

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We’ve already previewed the upcoming offerings from CollectA (New CollectAs for 2012) and Papo (New Papos for 2012), so now we’ll have a peek at what Bullyland have in the pipeline. They have two new figures for our perusal, a somewhat googly-eyed Spinosaurus, and a feathered Therizinosaurus.

The Spinosaurus:
Bullyland Spinosaurus 2012

The Therizinosaurus:
Bullyland Therizinosaurus 2012

Bullyland are continuing their trend of adding points of articulation to their figures, presumably to increase playability and provide a marketing hook, so the new releases have moveable arms and jaws, respectively. Next up from me, an overview of Safari Ltd’s 2012 releases.

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  • @jack. while the papo spino has better detail, i would hardly say it’s “better” than the new bullyland Spino. for one, the skull on the bullyland figure is more accurate.

  • ok this is follow up to post-
    spinosaurus and therizinosaurus are better than last years bullyland releases wich were boring to say the least from this view anyway-
    at least these 2 releases are interesting even though spinosaurus looks odd-however bullyand seem better suited to prehistoric mammals rather than dinosaurs-becasue alost of there dinosaurs arent that great as some reviews make them out-it depends on what they are compared with though-
    still the on the company comparison -papo spinosaurus is better and more detailed than this spinosaurus-

  • yea i agree with the post above mostly -the figures are odd cuz i though bullyand was closing its dinosaur department cuz it went quite for a while-but these 2 figure arent the best versions of each beast based on the pics only and previous bullyand type plastic and production-the collecta dinosaurs seem to be the best all round at this time and carnegie is dissapionting recenly cuz of its low number of releases -but safari are producing the best verisions even though there is no scale

  • The Therizinosaur looks great! But OMG, the Spinosaurus! I shall call him, Derpy Claws.

  • Aunque soy el primero en opinar entiendo que este año han mejorado dentro de lo que cabe mucho las figuras de Bullyland, por otra parte el que más me gusta es el Therizinosaurus, lo que no me gustan son sus brazos articulados, aunque la figura y dentro de mis pobrísimos conocimientos sobre dinosaurios y demás criaturas prehistóricas me gusta, me parecen los colores aunque vistosos un poco chocantes me recuerdan a las figuras de Bayala aunque el animal en sí no es malo.
    Por otra parte el Spinosaurus, como también creo que el Therizinosaurus están inspirados en Dinosaur Revolution que por desgracia sus videos no se comercializan en España así como Caminando entre mounstruos de la BBC antes de los dinosaurios, lo cual es una faena.
    Como siempre digo la pintura que ponen a los ojos de los dinosaurios aparte de hacerles sumamente infantiles, afean al animal de todas formas este año es el año del dinosaurio en todas las fábricas salvo el Doly y el Megacerops como novedades y por mi afán de coleccionismo espero comprárme las dos réplicas a pesar de sus defectos, porque creo que en este año han mejorado sus réplicas Bullyland frente al Dimetrodon del año anterior y no digamos el Dilophosaurus que sinceramente lo que único que me apasiona de su figura es su gran tamaño para el pobre tamaño que en proporción representa la especie con relación con otros terópodos.

  • Although I am the first to review understand that this year have improved in what may be much Bullyland figures on the other hand the one I like is the Therizinosaurus, which I do not like her arms are articulated, but the figure and in my very poor knowledge of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures I like the colors seem a bit shocking but colorful remind me Bayala figures although the animal itself is not bad.
    Moreover, the Spinosaurus, as I believe the Dinosaur Therizinosaurus Revolution are inspired by your videos that unfortunately are not sold in Spain and Walking with monsters of the BBC before the dinosaurs, which is a chore.
    As I always say put the paint in the eyes of dinosaurs apart from them very children, disfigure the animal anyway this year is the year of the dinosaur in all factories except Megacerops Doly and as novelties and collector’s my desire I hope to buy the two replicas, despite its flaws, because I think this year have improved Dimetrodon replicas Bullyland against the previous year and the Dilophosaurus sincerely say that I love only her figure is its large size for kind it is.

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