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Ah CollectA, what did we ever do without you?  CollectA have pushed out the boat once more with another bona fide bonanza of new figures for us in 2012. Their massive line up of 21 new sculpts will add considerable taxonomic diversity to their ranks, but more than that, CollectA has raised its game with a clear increase in quality to match quantity. These offering have initiated much discussion over on the dinosaur toy forum 2012 thread, as photographs of the new models have been released slowly but steadily over the last month or so. Well, now all the images are in so we can take an overview of what we can look forward to next year (pictures from Mike at Everything Dinosaur, used with kind permission). Honestly, some of these look wonderful and the sculpting seems to be top-notch. Others less so, but all of them noteworthy for one reason or another. Enjoy the show!

Six new theropods stand proudly (without need for support from their tails) in the line up:

CollectA dinosaurs, new for 2012, theropods
Top row: Mapusaurus, Deinocheirus. Second row: Therizinosaurus, Rajasaurus, Neovenator. Bottom: Tyrannosaurus with Struthiomimus.

A couple or sauropods make an appearance, plus a single new stegosaurid and a family group of ornithopods:
CollectA dinosaurs, new for 2012
Top row: Hypsilophodon family, Argentinosaurus. Bottom row: Miragaia, Amargasaurus.

We can also expect this ceratopsian-lovers dream – six new figures of horned dinosaurs, including no less than three new Triceratops  (one a repaint of an existing model):

CollectA dinosaurs, new for 2012
Top row: Kosmosaurus, Triceratops corpse. Middle row: Triceratops (repaint), giant Triceratops (1:15 scale), Bottom row: Utahceratops, Koreaceratops family.

And in addition to the dinosaurs, there’s also a brontothere, a marine reptile, a pair of hominids, and some plant-life to boot:

CollectA dinosaurs, new for 2012
Top row: Megacerops, Dolichorhynchops. Middle row, Neanderthal man and woman. Bottom row: Monanthesia + Cycadeoidea, Williamsonia.

CollectA are clearly moving forward with impressive purpose, energy and creativity. Their family groups of dinosaurs are especially intriguing, and their corpse and plant-life figures take their line into a fresh direction. One wonders how much longer CollectA can keep up this momentum, but it’s exciting to watch them continue to grow, and I hope we can review some of their new figures on the blog in more detail over the coming months. Also, Safari Ltd’s new offerings for 2012 have been out of the bag for a while now, so look out for an overview of those here soon as well.

Edit: For those who simply can’t wait, the new CollectA figures are already available from this seller on Ebay, but please note that they may be prototype versions: CollectA 2012 figures on Ebay Actually, there aren’t many left! They were there for a while but most have sold pretty quickly. Keep your eyes peeled for relistings 😉

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  • I think a deluxe Allosaurus would be a magnificent candidate for the next year deluxe series!!!!!I wish it every day

  • La verdad es que Collecta está mejorando mucho la calidad de sus productos,sobre todo la línea “de luxe”.He adquirido hace poco el Dacentrurus y la verdad es que es magnífico.En cuanto a las novedades para este año me parecen muy buenos el Therizinosaurus y el Deinocheirus.Los ceratopsios ,sin embargo,me parecen un poco flojos.Espero que sigan en esta línea.

  • Hace unos cuantos meses comenté que ojalá alguien se decidiera a sacar un Kosmoceratops,pues bien parece que me han oído.Sin embargo hubiese preferido que lo hubiera lanzado otra marca.Esta versión me parece un tanto ridícula,los cuernos del volante oseo màs bien parecen un flequillo .

  • the best line up of dinosaurs for 2012 -the only fault i got with some is that they arent big enough and only few inches long-really they should be at least 1/40 or 1/45 scale-but apart from that great figures espically rex with prey and dead triceratops-the rest are interesting for collecting cuz they never been done before or else they havent been updated in decades

  • […] line, four new figures will be added. When we factor in all the new releases from Safari Ltd, Papo, CollectA, and Bullyland, we certainly have a lot to look forward to in […]

  • I hope to buy a.s.a.p the Mapusaurus! That’s may favorite!!


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  • For those who simply can’t wait, the new CollectA figures are already available from this seller on Ebay:

    CollectA 2012 figures on Ebay

    Edit: well, there aren’t many left! They were there for a while but most have sold pretty quickly. Keep your eyes peeled for relistings 😉

  • You forgot the new stegosaur Repaint

  • I haven’t bought any figures by CollectA before. I’ve always found them uninteresting, ugly or not convincing, and sometimes inaccurate. If some of these new figures look nice in real life too, I might get them.

    I’m not inclined to take CollectA seriously as they’ve produced a lot of prehistoric animal figures which is nice, but so many have been inaccurate or ugly due to unsatisfactory sculpting and knowledge. The head of their Rhomaleosaurus is a good example. A small opening above its nostrils, and lines on the sides of its snout are present on the skull of Rhomaleosaurus, but it’s illogical to think they would be visible externally, as they are on the figure! If it is R. cramptoni as Adam says, the front of its head is too small and squashed inwards. The real animal’s skull wouldn’t be able to fit inside the figure’s head! As a result it looks hideous. With the red eyes and shells as well it reminds me of Halloween!

    CollectA’s 2012 figures seem to be generally better. Mapusaurus is the one I like the most. Deinocheirus looks nice as well. The Tyrannosaurus is really bad though. The head is wrong and ugly. And like all the previous CollectA Tyrannosaurus, this one’s in a bad pose. CollectA now seem to be aware theropods couldn’t pronate their hands, so why are the Struthiomimus’ hands pronated?

    Isn’t CollectA also releasing a repainted Stegosaurus?

  • @Pixelboy At least they’ve only given it 3 clawed digits on its hands, and have made them of varying lengths. The tail’s too long too, but it’s still one of the best out there.

  • I’ve added a poll about CollectA 2012 figures to the polls page here: http://www.dinotoyblog.com/dinosaur-toy-polls-page/

  • These ceratopsians confuse me. Clearly, CollectA’s looking at recent research and ideas about them – repainting their Trike to resemble a young version of their Toro, adding quills, including some newly-described taxa – but they are essentially wrecking all of that by leaving the forelimbs pronated. I would absolutely buy that lovely new Trike if it weren’t for that.

  • A petición de Horridus y de Adam escribo este texto que igual no se ha podido entender en español con algunos añadidos:
    Acerca de Collecta creo que en este artículo está todo escrito, entiendo que esta empresa combina calidad, cantidad y que sus precios son asequibles en el mercado de juguetes, a excepción del Tyranosaurus rex y el Triceratops escala 1:15 que se va a lanzar el próximo 2012 en el mercado.
    Por otra parte lo vuelvo a decir que no hay más ciego que el que no quiere ver en lo referente que en el mercado del juguete de dinosaurio las empresas dirigidas por países anglosajones como por ejemplo Safari/Carnegie (EEUU) y Collecta y la desaparecida Invicta (Reino Unido) son las mejoras empresas en la realización de dinosaurios de juguete. Y entiendo que este año con las realizaciones de dinosaurios y demás animales prehistóricos que en honor a la verdad en lo que creo que no está paleontológicamente bien hecho son los Neardenthales, me gustan más los Neardenthales de la desaparecida colección de Missing Links (me parece que así se llama) que son más precisos y con un tamaño considerable.

  • @Manuel: Could you say that again in Spanish please?

    @Adam: Yeah, yeah…

  • About Collecta think it is all the quality, quantity and prices currently on the market of toys asesquibles.
    No more blind as those who do not want to see that businesses run by Anglo-Saxon firms Carnegie / Safari (USA) and Collecta (UK) are the best dinosaur toy companies.

  • As a paleontology student at the South Dakota School of Mines, I’m glad somebody finally did a good brontothere. Those beasts have pretty much become the paleontology department’s mascot out here.

  • @Marc I used the word ‘taxonomic’. happy now? 😉

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