Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 12)

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The famous and fierce fish-eating Brit Baryonyx is coming courtesy of Haolonggood!

The two versions this time around come in light and dark shades. I think the darker one is a little bit better myself.

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  • OK. So I weakened and got the greenish version on sale Black Friday. The paint up is beautiful as usual, the accuracy is A-OK – BUT:

    You’ve heard about this model’s “underbite problem”. Well – its a real thing. And its pretty BAD – regardless of whether the mouth is closed or open.

    Is was so bad, in fact, that I removed the lower jaw, trimmed it in the rear in multiple places, and then glued it back in, in a half-open pose. Now I am happy with it (though the jaw can no longer move).

    I will chalk this up to Haolonggood’s “growing pains” – after all this is the first time they have attempted a Spinosaurid with that weird, long and thin mouth. I am sure they will fix this issue in future releases, and as for me, I didn’t need the jaw to move anyway.

    Other than that minor quality control issue, this is a superb Baryonyx – the best one out there in the PVC world.

  • Another Haolonggood beauty that will have an even nicer paint job in-hand than in these photos.

    Baryonyx is not one critter I am particularly interested in, so I will probably hold off for the larger Suchomimus cousin, but no doubt this is now the finest Baryonyx out there!

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