Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2023)

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Jurassic Park/World fans should be very excited by all the new Hammond Collection toys that have been revealed this week, both of the dinosaur and human persuasion.




Stegosaurus baby.

Tyrannosaurus baby.

Dennis Nedry and John Hammond.

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  • Wayne Knight admitted in an interview that he weighed 327 lbs at the time of Jurassic Park. Happily, he’s since lost 100 lbs and is much healthier. This Nedry figure definitely looks more like Knight today than in 1993, and it could be that Mattel did that out of respect for the actor. And if that’s the case, I applaud them for that.

  • Hammond’s face! It gives me a suggested caption for the last picture:

    Grumpy Hammond, in a West Country voice to naughty Nedry : “That’s right, get off my land, and take that bloomin’ stick with ya!”

  • Has Nedry been on a diet?

  • The Metriacanthosaurus is pretty neat looking so far. I’ll save my judgement for once I see some in hand images, but I might have to pick that one up.

  • That Irritator looks like a teenage JP3 Spinosaurus with different colors.

    Little brother?

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