Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2024)

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Images of Schleich’s 2024 prehistoric assortment have hit the web, so let’s check out what we’re getting, shall we?

Allosaurus. Schleich has tackled this genus many times already in the past. The pose looks a little contorted, but maybe it’s just the angle.

Bajadasaurus. This looks pretty decent.

Brachiosaurus. A repaint of the 2017 release.

Concavenator. The total absence of quill knobs on the arms is unfortunate.

Moros. Good gravy, what the blue blazes is up with that head and those painfully awkward legs?!

Stegosaurus. Another familiar face in the Schleich line. This and the Bajadasaurus look to be the best of the bunch.

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  • Have to say that after the half decent toys in recent years, Schleich seems to have taken several steps backwards in this years selection. I shall wait to see if these look better in the flesh, but at the moment, I’ll be saving my money!

  • Oof, Moros is VERY rough. The Bajadasaurus is the best of a bad bunch, but even it’s nothing special in my opinion. I wish they would just hire one or two decent paleo-artists to sculpt these figures, because there’s a massive lack of consistency in the quality here.

    • I think the Stegosaurus is the best one in this lineup. There’s nothing wrong with it it seems, while the Bajadasaurus is lacking the neck sail it’s been found to have, unfortunately.

  • I think I’d feel more positive about the Stegosaurus if it were painted better than a dollar store toy.
    …And that Moros is a special kind of YIKES.

  • Schelich has always done Stegosaurus well. Nice to see that hasn’t changed.

  • Schleich – please, please stay away from theropods!

    • I have the Schleich Monolophosaurus and Tarbosaurus and they’re very good in my opinion… These 2024 ones aren’t, unfortunately. Well, the Allosaurus would be with a better pose and the Concavenator would be if it had smaller and non-unguligrade feet. I hope for better Schleich theropods for 2025…

  • Moros looks like one of Dr. Tucker’s creations.

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