Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2018 – Results

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Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2018

I’m delighted to announce the winners and runners up in the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2018, sponsored by Urzeitshop.

1st Place. Diorama 1. In the jaws of death by dreadmane

2nd Place. Diorama 25. Go for the tender meat by Andreioli

3rd Place. Diorama 38. The happy camper by Dinomike

First honourable mention. Diorama 63. Paw Paw by Pilkington

Second honourable mention. Diorama 28. On the hunt by Ramose

Third honourable mention. Diorama 62. The biggest dinosaur ever! (until they find another partial titanosaur) by irimali

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks also to everyone who participated in the contest for making this one of the largest and most diverse Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contests to date. You can see all of the entries and the full results of the poll here.  Thanks to the 122 members who cast their votes. Lastly, thanks to Mironimus and Urzeitshop for sponsoring us this year!

Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2018

Here’s to another successful Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest in 2019.

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