Second Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest

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We are happy to announce that the Second Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest, sponsored by Fauna Casts, is now open! And this year there are prizes too!

dinosaur diorama
last year’s winning diorama by Bokisaurus

basic guidelines:

-Entry is free.

-All member of the Dinosaur Toy Forum, including staff, are invited to participate. Non-members wishing to participate are invited to register to the forum, this is free.

-There are no categories. Your diorama has to be about prehistoric organisms (chalicotheres, stethacanthids, Triceratops, whatever– as long as it is prehistoric!).

-Each entry should be submitted as a jpg file and must be accompanied by a creative title.

-The deadline is June 15th 2009! (entries received after 00.00 hours GMT June 16th will be invalid) (That gives you plenty of time to make either a jungle-y diorama or a ice age diorama.)

-One diorama entry per member.

-Your diorama entry should be sent to Cordylus via PM (private message) on the Dinosaur Toy Forum.

-If you have entered a diorama, you can’t send another to replace the first one!

-Dioramas have to be new (never made before).

-You have to be the maker of the diorama. Stealing somebody else’s diorama will result in disqualification.

-Photoshop is allowed, but the original photograph(s) must be your own.

-Winners will be decided by a poll open to all forum members, entries will remain anonymous until the winners are announced.


This year there will be prizes for first, second and third place winners, courtesy of our kind sponsor Fauna Casts (by Dinonikes). There will be a Tyrannosaurus, a Dilophosaurus (see photos below), and a yet to be announced third figure! First place winner will get first choice, second place will get second choice and third place will get third choice. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dinonikes. All three winners and the three runners up will also be featured in a special ‘Winning Dioramas’ blog entry.

The prizes…
Dinosaur contest prize T.rex
Dinosaur contest prize Dilophosaurus

The relevant discussion thread for comments and questions about the contest can be found here. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your dioramas!

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