Upcoming dinosaur releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2011)

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Safari Ltd have another great spread laid on for 2011, with two new additions to the Carnegie Collection, five new Wild Safari dinosaurs, and two new toobs. I’m sure we’ll review the figures properly when they are released next year but in the meantime let’s overview what’s in the pipeline based on Safari Ltd’s publicity shots…

Safari Ltd is dedicated to releasing two new Carnegie figures every year, sculpted by Forrest Rogers. 2010 year saw their first ever Ichthyosaur (and about time too!) and a rendition of the unusual Cryolophosaurus. This year sees another never-before-seen addition, the recently discovered and newly described long-necked stegosaur, Miragaia:

Miragaia Carnegie Safari Ltd 2011

The second Carnegie Collection is a brand new Carnotaurus sculpt, which replaces the older version of this species already in the line. First impressions are that this is a gargantuan improvement:

 Carnotaurus Carnegie Safari Ltd 2011

The Wild Safari line is branching out into some obscure beasties, although some very familiar animals are here too. No flying or aquatic creatures this year though, pterosaurs and marine reptiles have been quite prominent in previous years. The line-up for 2011 is as follows:

A dynamic looking Edmontosaurus:

Edmontosaurus Wild Safari 2011

A newly described prehistoric crocodilian nick-named the ‘boar croc’, Kaprosuchus:

Kaprosuchus Wild Safari 2011

The fearsome gorgonopsid Inostrancevia:

Inostrancevia Wild Safari 2011

Another new rendition of Tyrannosaurus rex:

Inostrancevia Wild Safari 2011

And the crested theropod dinosaur Guanlong:

Guanlong Wild Safari 2011

To my eye, the feathers present on this figure in the publicity shots (both the tufts and the downy texture on the flanks) appear to be photoshopped additions – they just look a bit too clean next to the rest of the figure. I may be wrong, but it will be interesting to see what the final figure actually looks like.

Two new toobs of really quite obscure prehistoric animals will be released in 2011. A set of prehistoric sharks:

prehistoric Sharks toob Safari 2011

And a set of prehistoric crocodiles (and other creatures):

prehistoric crocs toob Safari 2011

Overall a nice and diverse range to look forward too from Safari Ltd in 2011!

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Comments 18

  • Inostrancevia is probably one of the better ideas for a new release, especially considering Safari already has a Scutosaurus that it can use as a chew toy. There just aren’t enough Paleozoic creatures in mass production these days.

  • Now that all the figures have been released…

    I really like the two toobs, especially the crocodiles one. Although not my favourite, the Proterosuchus is very well made, contrary to what I was expecting after seeing some ugly reconstructions of it on Wikipedia. I wish they hadn’t stuck two of Pristichampsus’ feet together though.

    It’s good they decided not to put Carnotaurus in that unnecessary and impossible tripod pose. I wonder if my previous comment had anything to do with it?
    I’m really not happy that the Carnegie Collection isn’t sticking to 1:40 scale, as I really like seeing the animals to scale with each other. 1:40 is fine for Carnotaurus, Miragaia and even Cryolophosaurus! I want my Carnotaurus to be to scale with my Tyrannosaurus, not the same size!

    Since it’s confirmed Carnegie isn’t moving to 1:30 scale, I hope they make nice figures without bases or food, and in 1:40 scale.

  • carnotauro and the ‘Scale 1 / 30!

  • They must make a pterosaur toob!!
    Nice figures.

  • It’s a shame Carnotaurus is ruined by being in an impossible pose which there’s no justification for. I’m also annoyed that Carnegie is moving away from the 1/40 scale. Kaprosuchus looks really good. I noticed it’s colouration is similar to the Carnegie Collection Deinosuchus. It suits it.

    I’m looking forward to the two toobs, especially the crocodilian one. Yuck at Proterosuchus though. And why Ornithoprion AND Helicoprion? Aren’t they practically identical? I would’ve preferred Purussaurus and Megalodon respectively. Does anyone know when the toobs will be released?

  • El Inostrancevia era según una página web visitada del tamaño de un oso, pero sus medidas variaban de 1 metro a 4,3 metros.

  • Para Juan, apunté cuando salieron las novedades en un papel la información de las medidas de algunas figuras,incluso las de los árboles salvo el Tyrannosaurus y el Carnotaurus, que todavía no han sido liberadas. Y son las siguientes:
    Miragaia: Scale 1:30; Size: 9,25″ L x 3.5″ H (28,5 x 9 cm)
    Kaprosuchus: Size 8,25″ L x 2″ H (21 x 3 cm).
    Gualong: Size 5″L x 2,5″ H (12,5 x 6,5 cm).
    Inostrancevia: Size 6″L x 2″ H (15 x 5 cm).
    Edmontosaurus: Size 5,5″ l x 3,25″ H (14 x 8,5 cm).
    Agathis Conifer: Size 3,25″ W x 6,75″ H (8,5 x 17 cm).
    Tree Fern: Size 2,75″ W x 5″ H (7 x 12,5 cm).
    Cycad: Size 2,25″W y 4″ H (5,5 x 10 cm).
    En cuanto a los tubos ni tan siquiera en España ha llegado. Es una pena que esta empresa no tenga tanta aceptación en mi nación, como tienen otras, siendo a mi sincero entender de lo mejor en representaciones de animales prehistóricos.

  • I agree, the Carnotaurus is amazing as well as the Miragaia! I can’t wait to get these new safari sculpts!

  • Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t we have size dimensions for most of these already?

    Edmontosaurus= 5.5 inches which is freaking tiny
    Inostrancevia= 6 inches
    Tyrannosaurus= 8.75 inches
    Kaprosuchus= 8 inches+
    Guanlong= 5.5 inches
    Carnotaurus @1/30 scale should be between 10-12 inches
    and wasn’t Miragaia just over 9 inches? At any rate I wish they kept the Carnegies @ 1/40 scale. i have little interest in these oddly sized replicas.

  • CARNOTAURUS FTW! That’s a really beautiful sculpt–I’ll definately have to get it. I love that Kaprosuchus, too. I suspect that Guanlong is actually a mock-up, and not a physical model. It’ll be interesting to see how it comes out, though. It’s looking a little too raptorial right now.

  • Como siempre son los animales de lujo, sea el tamaño que sea. Son buenos, bonitos y baratos. Sin embargo el que no me convence mucho es el Edmontosaurus.

  • Really excited about both the new Carnotaurus and the Guanlong. Two of my favorite predators. I wounder if they will be carried at stores like A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby when they come out. I don’t have high hopes about finding the new toobs there since I never saw the 09 Feathered Dino Toob at one. Did anybody ever see that in stores?

  • I’ve been looking for the Prehistoric Sea Life Toob since it was released early this year. I guess I’ll have to order it online.

  • Wow.Great job on this overview!The Carno is really stunning. Hope it and Miragaia’s paint scheme is as vivid as in the stock photos.

  • I noticed the odd texture discrepancy on the Guanlong as well. Hopefully the final product will still look good.

  • Awesome new additions. Totally agree the Gorgonopsid was WAY OVER DUE!!!! 😀 Love me some early dinos. 😀

  • The new gorgonopsid is a long-overdue and welcome addition. I wish we knew the size dimensions of all these guys (the toy, not the actual animal).

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