Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 4)

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It’s Wilson again! No, wait, that’s not Wilson, it’s Cameron! Yes, it’s a brand new sovereign striding on the stage, and he looks to be PNSO’s best Tyrannosaurus rex to date! Even comes with what appears to be a replica of the skull of Sue!

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  • Je trouve aue ce mondel de tyranosaurus rex c est le plus scientifiquement presi a ce jour car il a pas de levre se aui est scientifiquement correct car on n a pas de preve directe de sela et en plus il est cool pas il cameron comme le nom de mon pays matal .

  • It seems like every time PNSO releases another T. rex it’s the ‘best ever’. At some point, the improvements can’t appear that significant…

  • I like the announcements but they seem inconsistent. Haolonggood has announced several figures that have no been featured here.

  • ANOTHER PNSO Tyrannosaurus? Umm … NO. I have the Zunchengotyrannus standing in as TRex in my 1:40 scale setup, and that one is still easily the best posed PNSO tyrant.

    The only possible way I would consider getting another if they finally give in to accuracy and GIVE ITS JAWS SKIN COVERINGS FOR THE TEETH.

    Everytime I see one of these sculpts now my first thought is: “It looks like its face was burned in a fire”. 🙁

    • Yes – their Zunchengotyrannus is aesthetically and artistically their best by far. This one just seems “clunky” – again – by comparison.

  • The improved scalation is a big plus with this one. I too wish that PNSO had included lips, but honestly, I didn’t expect them too, not in the slightest. One good thing about their standard use of brown for their rexes is that Cameron could fit in nicely with my rex pack, including ‘Kiss’ from Rebor, I suppose. I wonder how low the rating will go – 3.6 right now. There is a strong undercurrent of negativity on the DTF towards PNSO’s T-rexes that reminds me of the original rejection of the Carnegie 2014 Tyrannosaurus , of the first Rebor rex (less than 3.0), and, further afield, even the brilliant Carnegie updated Brachiosaurus, now famous, but then heavily dismissed because it was 1/50 scale and with an unconventional pose. It took years before the Brachiosaurus got its rating above 3.0. I gave Cameron a 4.0 – it’s a fine sculpt, somewhat disappointing because of PNSO’s stubborn refusal to consider lips as an option, but still a better than average figure.

  • In all honesty, I still like Wilson better. Unless they’re going to add lips I don’t see any real reason to purchase this new one.

    • The head is a big improvement over Wilson, even without lips. But I really wish PNSO hadn’t coloured Cameron brown just like all their other T. rexes.

      • Is the head really that big of an improvement, or is it just based on a different specimen? Because honestly, the most recent Wilson looks pretty fine to my eyes, but then again I’m not exactly able to compare it side to side with the real skulls.

        I guess my point was mostly that I don’t feel it’s enough of an improvement to justify shelling out the money for ANOTHER T.rex.

    • Here’s hoping that the upcomng Eofauna Tyrannosaurus will fit the bill, lips and all. It’s appearance is delayed, it seems, and I trust that it’s because they’re determined to get it right.

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