Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 14)

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I guess this will still count as a 2023 release? Meet Aymen, the latest in a long line of modern Spinosaurus toys and I believe the first one to be depicted in a bipedal stance as opposed to hunched over or swimming. Naturally, he will come with a clear plastic support rod like other PNSO theropods just to be safe. He also includes a replica skull and the usual voluminous information booklet.

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  • it’s definitely pretty but the way the sail connects to the body looks kinda weird to me idk

  • Finally! Finally a Spinosaurus that’s not crawling on 4 legs or swimming. This might be my first Spinosaurus since the Definitely Dinosaur days.

  • OK OK. I’ve been a Safari loyalist since 2019. This MIGHT be the one for finally replace it. Five years, not bad. I am sure others have swapped out their Spinosaurus figures 3-5 times since then LOL 😛

  • Oh wow, this one is lovely!

  • Hmmmm …. I’m going to reserve my vote til I see more information … initial impressions:

    1. Typical PNSO boring paint scheme;
    2. Something about it seems “off” … I dunno ….
    3. Price will surely be ridiculous (but since “Ramses” the Spinosaurus is *FINALLY* coming soon at 1/35 scale, buying this one is a non-starter) …

    We’ll see what Haolonggood comes up with … this was going to be my 1/40 Spinosaurus, but … something (besides price) about it just doesn’t grab me … I want to say: “Nice try, PNSO, but you need to go back to the drawing board”

    I think its too “upright”, particularly the head … a more horizontal pose would have seemed more natural …

    • I think the paint looks good. Conservative for sure, and is that not a good thing sometimes? I love the flamboyant color schemes of BOTM dinosaurs, but once in a while I like to have something “measured”, if you know what I mean.

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