Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 11)

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Meet Donald. Not only is he PNSO’s second theropod to feature lips, he’s also only the third Saurophaganax toy ever made (CollectA’s was first and REBOR’s was second). Double dandy!

Saurophaganax left side three quarter view in forest.
Saurophaganax right side closeup with mouth shut.
Saurophaganax left three quarter and left profile.
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Saurophaganax right and left side closeups with jaws open and shut.
Saurophaganax 30 cm x 10.8 cm


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  • Having gotten him, I must say that, outside of the unimaginative paint job, THIS is the DEFINITIVE Allosaurus (“Saurophaganax”) model out there … a true “Mic Drop” moment for PNSO and its Allosaurs … (but see my comment on the even better AllosauROID Yangchuasaurus Magnes ….)

  • This Saurophaganax is a must have for me ,…and will be a nice companion with PNSO Paul, despite some comments here,I think PNSO´s Allo is still a wonderful figure, far superior in sculpting and painting to the Safari and Collecta versions that look like a toys in comparison.

  • This Saurophaganax is a must have for me, will ge a nice partner of the Paul allosaurus ,…despite of some comments here, I think is still a wonderful figure,maybe the best allo in sculp and paint of the market until now, and far superior to safari and collecta versións for sure , that look like toys.

  • Finally. Makes their old Allosaurus look rubbish in comparison. Please PNSO, you’re spoiling us.

  • Well, I’m IN. This is finally the 1/35 Allosaurus that I’ve been waiting for!! (Saurophaganax no less – the biggest one!)

    Didn’t like the old PNSO Allosaurus at all – small, with horrible small lipless teeth. This one, however, is PROPER!!!

    • The PNSO Allosaurus is an A. jimmadseni in 1:30 scale and it’s not small. Its teeth look the same size proportionately as this new Saurophaganax’s.

      • The PNSO Allo.. is “lipless”, which exacerbates the issue of detail sharpness due to the size of the sculpt. Put simply, at a certain small size, details like teeth become more and more difficult to reproduce sharply in PVC. I wasn’t saying the Allo. scale is off, I was saying that it was too small for my taste.

        The Saurophaganax Allosaurus (because, until more complete remains are found, it basically just looks like a larger Allosaurus) is done at a size that makes sharp details easier to reproduce, and – its got those nice tooth coverings … AND arms that are muscular enough to actually look like the Allosaurus arms I’ve seen on mounted skeletons …

        I’d give it 6 stars if it was possible. :>)

        • I’ve just seen a comparison of the PNSO Allosaurus and Saurophaganax on Paleofiguras’s Facebook page. The teeth of the PNSO Allosaurus look fine to me, they’re sharp and done very well. The Saurophaganx’s teeth look to be the same size. I’m not sure what you were expecting.
          The PNSO Allosaurus is a fairly large figure. It’s almost the same size as this Saurophaganax. Again I’m not sure what you were expecting, why would any of the main companies make a larger Allosaurus figure that would consequently be much out of scale with its contemporaries, unless they were making Saurophaganax?
          Allosaurus jimmadseni had smaller forelimbs than Allosaurus fragilis.

  • Easy to miss, but Rebor also made a Saurophaganax, making this the 3rd (or more if you count Rebors seperate colour versions).
    This is however by the best Saurophaganax and in my opinion the second best Theropod PNSO made (after Deinocheirus).

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