Upcoming releases from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 12)

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Two exciting new dinosaurs from PNSO have been announced today! First up is Dapeng the Yangchuanosaurus magnus. This is the fourth figure of the genus to be released by PNSO (the previous one being Dayong the Y. shangyouensis), and their third theropod to feature covered teeth when its mouth is shut!

And the second one is Cayden the Zuul, who finally shatters PNSO’s lengthy theropod streak! Check out that lovely armour on his back!

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  • Yangchuasaurus Magnus is even slightly bigger looking than Saurophaganax on my shelf and is absolutely a “HOME RUN” model…my favorite PNSO Theropod hands down, with the pose, paint job and … that strange shaped head – a PROPER Jurassic Allosauroid!!!

    BRAVO PNSO!!!!

  • Is it too much to speculate that a certain benign pressure from the DTB/DTF encouraged PNSO to go ‘lipped’? We know that we’ve had a positive influence on Haolonggood, so … who knows?

  • Okay finally they are doing lips and their theropods don’t look like movie monsters anymore. But can they please shake up their colour patterns a bit and try out some bolder colourations? I’ve seen enough of the earthy tones, modern animals are also not all that similar in coloration…

  • Wow … looks like the PNSO “Lipless Theropod dump of 2022-23” was indeed meant to clear out obsolete inventory as the Paleontological worm has turned and it is now The Age of (properly) LIPPED Theropods! ;>)

    This Yangchuasaurus is MUCH prettier (and bigger) than the last one, so this is the one for me to get. Zuul is nice too (though similar to that earlier Akylosaurid they released years ago).

    A+ to PNSO!

  • and very lovely too

  • A day of several firsts for PNSO

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