Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2023)(Pt. 13)

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Feast your eyes upon the stupendous Samuel! This towering Alamosaurus is perhaps PNSO’s finest sauropod yet, standing close to 30 cm tall and boasting a very long and very thick neck and rows of spiky osteoderms on his back. He’ll undoubtedly go well with Cameron, or indeed most other Tyrannosaurus rex figures!

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Comments 13

  • Sadly, I am having to amend my earlier raving review (though fortunately I am able to do so without having dropped the $75 to purchase this otherwise beautifully sculpted model).

    So what’s wrong with this otherwise magnificent rendering? Well, first off, I have DinosDragons detailed review of this model on Youtube to thank for warning me not to buy it.

    Its rendered in a tiny 1:55 scale, that’s what’s wrong with it. Disappointment tempered by the satisfaction of not being fooled into buying it and then realizing that it is TOO SMALL when put on my 1:40 shelf.

    Darn you PNSO. You had us almost sold. But you cheaped out in the end. Not to worry. I have already re-sculpted the head of my Ademar 1:35 Patagotitan and have decided to paint it in the colors of this Alamosaurus (which I really like).

    As for my 1:40 collection, well, it won’t miss not having this miniature PNSO Alamosaurus. Shame on you PNSO. Shame.

    • You get 1 Star for this “bait and switch” PNSO. This is the first time that I feel that PNSO has let me down. Well, there’s always Haolonggood. And they are much cheaper and don’t produce unnecessary and wasteful posters and boxes that jack up the price like PNSO does.

  • This will go well with the upcoming Haolonggood 1:35 scale Alamosaurus and make for a nice “parent/juvenile” combo display (and will legitimize having any of PNSO’s 4 “walking” Tyrannosaurus rex’s in the display with them).

  • enfin ce modèle n’a pas de lèvre mais des belles petites dents mais ce modèle est un peu petit pour un alamosaurus adulte de 25 – 30 m de longueur car pour un individu de 30 m il est à l’échelle 1/70 environ .

  • Impressive figure! Just imagine a flock of T. rex trying to take that down.

  • This is the FINEST mass-produced PVC sauropod made to date. I don’t even need to hold it to come to that conclusion. A PERFECT addition to anyone’s 1:40 scale dinosaur collection. Better yet, its named after the most famous historical feature of my adopted home town of San Antonio – The Alamo. So you know I’ve got “dibs” on this beauty as soon as its made available.

    Now I know there are 1/35 “completists” out there too … (and I’m one of them – that’s my OTHER collection for display). Well, it seems that Haolonggood wil soon give us an as-yet-unseen 1/35 Alamosaurus model!!!

    These are GREAT times for dino figure collectors!

  • A new Alamosaurus toy/model was much needed after so much time after the CollectA one came out some time ago.

  • Wow!!! A sauropod from PNSO at last…magnificent!

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