Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2024)(Pt. 1)

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PNSO’s first new dinosaur for the year is Zabad the Edmontosaurus! Judging from that crimson comb, this big brute is supposed to represent E. regalis.

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Comments 3

  • Nice looking figure but the head looks kinda like a tapir’s head. Might just be the angle the photos are taken at.

  • Its OK, but I’ll wait for the Haolonggood version also due out in 2024. Without a box. Or the inflated price.

    • OK, I’ve seen the early (not yet final) Haolonggood Edmontosaurus figure, so I’ll wade in again. I am a bit conflicted as this is a fine figure … the only thing that bothers me is the shriveled-up skin look of the weird crest … I’m not feeling it there – looks to mammal like, like a boxer’s “cauliflower ear”.

      The H. Edmontosaurus will have a more traditional semi-circular crest, and is the one I will get … again, the price is the tipping point here … this figure goes for $50, while the H. will probably come in about $20 less. But you can’t go wrong looks or accuracy wise either way … Lord known I have a TON of PNSO figures, and recently picked up their Saurophaganax and their-to-date-ultimate theropod in my eyes, the magnificent Yangchuasaurus Magnis….

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