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Mattel Creations has revealed “The Gates,” a very large, very elaborate Hammond Collection set combining elements of both Jurassic Park and The Lost World. We have the bull/buck Tyrannosaurus rex, retooled and repainted from the HC T. rex, we have Lex and Tim Murphy, we have an ill-fated goat, six dinosaur sign posts, a Ford Explorer XLT with a detailed interior, sections of electric fencing, and the iconic gates with electronic lights and sound.

Mind, whether or not this set actually makes it to production depends on the success of the crowd funding. Here is all the relevant information from the website:

We’re celebrating Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary with an awe-inspiring crowdfund! It starts with the enormous fan-demanded motorized entry gates and a first-ever Ford Explorer #5. No expense has been spared on recreating the details, and the collector-level execution extends to all the extras you can unlock from each tier. Say the magic word, fund all the extras, and return with us to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

Jurassic World Hammond Collection The Gates.
Gates: H 20.7 inches x W 22.8 inches x D 12.1 inches.
Gates require 4 AA batteries (not included).
Enclosure fences: H 9.0 inches x W 14.8 inches.
Authentically scaled to all Hammond Collection figures.
Accurately sculpted down to each crack and crevice.
Motorized door gates with manual override to display the gates in any position.
Flickering torch lights guide the way into the park.
Gates also play the original movie theme music and ambient jungle sounds. 
Comes with Ford Explorer #5 (the one that was left unscathed).
Action-figure scale Explorer features rubber tires and enhanced design details.
Includes film-accurate hang tags, navigation screen, and antennas.
Only available through this crowdfund.
A minimum of 5,000 US-based backers are needed to start making this set come to life. Once the minimum is reached, international backers can join the campaign. With additional backers, everyone gets even more figures and accessories to recreate the excitement. 

At 5,000 backers, you unlock the Jurassic World motorized entrance gates and the Ford Explorer #5.

At 6,000 backers, everyone receives a post-electrocution Tim figure and enclosure fences.

At 8,000 backers, we’ll add the Hammond Collection “Buck” T. rex featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

At 10,000 backers, the set is complete with a Lex figure and goat with removable hind leg.

Early Funding Bonus: If we reach 5,000 US-based backers in the first two weeks (by July 11), everyone, including international fans, receives a set of six Jurassic Park Paddock Signs.

This campaign ends July 26, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT, so join today and tell every Jurassic Park fan you know. Together, you can complete the ultimate collection!

So there it is. Time will tell whether or not this really comes to fruition, but in the mean time, enjoy the images!

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  • personellement je trouve que la sculture du tyrannosaurus est en peu amélioré car ce pied sont plus petit et la painture est beaucoup mieux faite et sont cou est peut-etre un peu plus epais

  • The absurdity of this perfectly frames the insanity of the hobby these days. $250 is not a steal. The HC T-Rex retails for $50, so the addition of the gate and other items don’t warrant such a cost. Retool or not. Maybe if it was actually a new sculpt I would understand $60 – $70 range. These items could have easily been retailed sans a campaign.

    • I now don’t think that this campaign will make it – even if they scramble it and move the TRex to the 5000 backer mark. (That, BTW, is the only thing that might save it given that, based on FB comments and polling, the TRex is desired by 35% as opposed to only 30% wanting the Gate.)

      I don’t doubt that the cost for such a small production run is high enough to justify the crowdfund price – but whether enough collectors are willing to drop that chunk of change for a super-fancy gate with all the “bells and whistles” should have been thought about a bit more as they prepared this campaign.

      A simpler, cheaper gate with a lower price seems like it might have been a better option.

      The other thing is that Mattel has been “carpet-bombing” the dino-toy market for 8 years now, with so many releases that I suspect the fandom is a little tired out. Mattel might have “missed the boat” with this idea. Had this release been done 4-5 years ago, it would have had a much better chance of success in my view.

      Right now its looking like a pretty likely “NO” vote from the fans on this campaign. We are barely at 21% 4 days into it. Doesn’t look good. We shall see how it goes from here.

      Before anyone wonders, yes, I have backed it. But then I am not really a JPW toy collector, only having bought the original Brachiosaurus and Drednaughtus to use with my BOTM dinosaur display. The Gate would give that display an interesting “JP-vibe”.

      At my stage of life, I am way more picky about what I collect, so I can afford most things – within reason – that I do want. Compared to the prices of BOTM figures, for example, the price of this crowdfund isn’t that outrageous.

      But I suspect that most younger JPW collectors are in different circumstances. For them, well, this is a large chunk of change – especially when you add shipping (which is outrageous if you live outside the USA).

    • nous ne voiez pas que la sculture et la painture et les yeux du tyrannosaure sont beaucoup mieux fait pour sa mérite sont prix

  • Don’t know where to start with this … just the gate, fence and jeep might have been a better idea … though I imagine that re-tooling the TRex and adding a couple of small figures didn’t cost very much … I’m guessing that 3/4 of the cost is for the gate, fence and jeep …

    On the one hand, $250 is a STEAL for what they are offering … but the typical JP Mattel buyer is not a collector, and there has already been MUCHO whining online about the price (guess those whiners are not BOTM funders or else they wouldn’t have such ‘sticker shock’ *LOL* – when you’ve dropped a couple of GRAND over the past 3 years for BOTM this looks like a bargain for a true JP fan ;>).

    But the vast majority of Mattel’s customers are kids and their parents, and I am sure that from their standpoint this may seem too expensive. The TRex was probably thrown in to make it more appetizing for them.

    Then again, what do I know. Given the popularity of this franchise and toy line, US buyers might well get this pimped up to 5000 pieces in the next 30 days.

    I’ll be watching closely because … I’m not gonna lie, having at one time or another owned the entirety of the JP – JP3 toy line (til my kids and their cousins outgrew them), I feel some real nostalgia when I see this gate.

    I can see doing a display diorama with some more accurate dinosaur model figures to go along with it …..

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