Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2024)(Pt. 2)

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This week’s reveal from CollectA includes the second ever toy of the gigantic titanosaur Dreadnoughtus (Mattel’s was the first one). At 1:100 scale, it is nearly 24 cm tall and 32 cm long, which makes it smaller than this year’s Ruyangosaurus, but still pretty darned big! It will be one of the first new toys to be available next year.

And the other new reveal is a 1:6 scale Deluxe Velociraptor to finally replace the 2010 version. This feathery and feisty firecracker one will be available in the later part of next year.

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  • I love the Velociraptor!
    The Claws especially!

  • I’m pleased with the stance, greatly improved texturing and basic availability of the big sauropod, but my gripe is that it’s NOT BIG ENOUGH. I already have their Mamenschisaurus and Ruyangosaurus, which I display as subadults, but this one, more than a bit smaller than the Ruyango, I believe, is stretching it too far, IMO. As potentially the largest land animal to have ever walked the earth, it deserved a much larger figure. Still, I may yet bite the bullet and get one as another subadult.

  • Bit of a miss for me this year I’m afraid. The Dreadnoughtus is fine, but the Velociraptor is only a very marginal improvement over the previous one.

  • the velociraptor looks atrocious

  • Another “Lizard in a chicken suit”

  • I’ll start off the comments with a contrarian opinion. ;>)

    I have never been particularly impressed by Collect’s sauropods (their early Ampelousaurus being a rare exception – just love that little guy, though he is probably a bit too lean looking).

    They tend to look, well, OFF. Proportions always seem a bit off (though the pose of this one is interesting, what with that one front leg way ahead of the body).

    But the detail is SOFT, and that leads us right into the real problem with Collecta’s recent sauropod entries:


    That’s why the detail is soft. If you’re thinking of making a tiny 1:100 Dreadnoughtus, or Argentinosaurus, it begs the question: why even bother? Detail will be soft or exaggerated, and it will not scale on the shelf with anything else you make.

    Sauropods aside I’m down to just their Ampelousaurus and Lythronax on the shelf, having long ago jettisoned everything else.

    Collecta did show the way how to have yearly mass- releases of dinosaurs in their early years, and they have, over the years, made some nice looking critters … but frankly, today, when you compare them with PNSO, well, they kinds look like the old 90s Carnegie dinosaurs did when Collecta first came along. Fine for kids, but not so much for collectors focusing on accuracy.

    I’ll stick with PNSO for my sauropods.

    • P.S. The “Velociraptor” is so horrid as not to warrant a longer comment.

    • how about their 2023 ruyangosaurus? I have that one. what do u think about that specific one?

    • Its scale may not be that small tbh. Also, my collection window basically consists of anything viable to the Unique Species Reference List (Oumcraft figures being removed was an arbitrary decision made by the list’s creator; objectively they would be on the list) and I didn’t care about scale for a long time. Granted not everyone is like this; you are a good example of a differing collector. I simply follow my collecting role model, forum user Halichoeres, and my method of complying to an objective US(R)L. All in all, we are different collectors and that is okay.
      As for these figures, the Dreadnoughtus is fantastic, even if not everyone feels that way, and assuming its true scale is smaller and thus Halichoeres gets it to replace his Mattel Dreadnoughtus, I will get one too, and this will save me from getting the gigantic Mattel Dreadnoughtus.
      The Velociraptor isn’t too bad, but could easily be better as many point out.
      And for the Dearc revealed on the 3rd, it’s awesome and will go nicely with my Supreme Dimorphodon on their own shelf.

  • I added another photo of the Dreadnaughtus showing it from the front.

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