Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2023)(Pt. 8)

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Two more new products from Haolonggood have been revealed! The first one is Ampelosaurus, a Late Cretaceous armoured sauropod from France.

And the second is the famous tyrannosaurine, Daspletosaurus. With lips, hurrah!

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  • I just got these two in the mail with 4 other Haolonggood figures (the first ones I’ve ever bought). I will order more of them tomorrow on “Black Friday”.

    Words fail me. The Daspletosaurus (I got the brown/purple variant) is the finest Tyrannosauroid mass-produced figure I’ve ever beheld. It even puts the PNSO Tyrants to shame. Its closed lipped mouth look is accurate to a fault, and then … well … read below my comment that applies to all their figures …

    Haolonggood has LAPPED PNSO, and I’ll tell you why:

    a. Accuracy wise, they are almost up to PNSO. I’ll still give PNSO a SLIGHT advantage there on some sculpts; BUT – then Haolonggood hits a ‘GRAND SLAM HOMERUN” with:

    b. THEIR. PAINT. JOBS. OMG – Words fail me. Out of this world doesn’t begin to describe the detail and beauty of their colors. And, at a MUCH lower price than PNSO’s offerings.

    Haolonggood is now #1 with me. And one more thing – the colors on the figures look much BETTER in person than even in their stock photos. Like, when has that ever happened before?!?

  • Still not sold on their theropods to be quite honest, I still think the PNSO Daspletosaurus is better, regardless of it’s lack of lips. The Ampelosaurus is nice, but I think I still prefer their Apatosaurus overall.

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