Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt. 2)

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Still more images of 2024 Jurassic World toys have shown up online!

Danger Pack.

Craterosaurus. To my knowledge, this is the very first toy of the European stegosaur.

Kileskus. The diminutive Russian tyrannosauroid is also receiving its very first toy.

Gigantic Trackers.

Triceratops. Looks kind of like a turtle with all that plating.

Ruthless Rampage.

Allosaurus. This one is toothier and spikier than previous versions.

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  • I am still perplexed how the Jurassic franchise was unable to put a decent Allosaurus design on screen, and this new toy just exaggerates everything bad about it.

    Rant aside, the Craterosaurus isn’t too bad, and the Kileskus has some weird charm to it for me.

    • Since the earliest leak for the Allosaurus mentioned it being based on new animated content, it most likely looks like that . The Triceratops probably, too.

    • what’s wrong with all their allosaurus designs? they aren’t even meant to be accurately designed like the real animal but yeah I do agree that this new figure is kind of a letdown

      • Aside from it just looking bulbous and ugly, they had to cover the thing in spines and crocodile scutes for some absurd reason. It’s the same thing wrong with all the designs introduced post JP3, they’re ugly and don’t really reflect the animal in question outside of the most basic of characteristics.

        • Aren’t these figures meant to be similar/identical to what they are in the films instead of irl? And this Allosaurus js looks the same like any other BABR Allosaurus. And idk which “spines” ur specifically talking about but js in case, I’ll mention that the “evolving spikes/spines” are there for the action feature and ofc, the main reason why the line is called “Epic Evolution”

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