Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2012)

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We’re joining this particular party late as the following Safari Ltd photos have been circulating the interwebs for months now, so it’s about time we posted them here to complete (more-or-less) our round up of new dinosaur figures for 2012. So, here’s a preview of Safari Ltd’s offerings for this year. Five new figures will be released including a single addition to the Carnegie collection, a humongous Brachiosaurus, that will put the old version to shame. In the Wild Safari line, four new figures will be added. When we factor in all the new releases from Safari Ltd, Papo, CollectA, and Bullyland, we certainly have a lot to look forward to in 2012.

From top to bottom: Carnegie Collection Brachiosaurus, and Wild Safari Vagaceratops, Dracorex, Ceratosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus.
Wild Safari Ltd dinosaurs, new for 2012, Brachiosaurus, Vagaceratops, Dracorex, Ceratosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus

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  • Me parece una figura soberbia este Brachiosaurus 2012.Carnegie como siempre de lo mejorcito que se puede encontrar.Enhorabuena por el producto.

  • my kid loves brachiosaurus so this will be a buy for sure.

  • The Vagaceratops looks extremely similar to the life-sized models at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Probably produced in cooperation with them?

    The Acrocanthosaurus sort of reminds me of Kyoht Luterman’s paleoart.

  • yea both papo and carnegie and even schleich revised sculpt of brachiosaurus will be great additions to collect-many brachiosaurus figures this year -yet wild safari dinosaurs look like great figures as well-its a great release from carnegie and safari this year

  • Above all it seems a luxury to Carnegie Brachiosaurus independently this year also fascinates me Acrocanthosaurus Wild Safari Carnotaurus hope to have them along as long as they do not close the

  • Soon, soon the new Carnegie Brachiosaurus will be mine…but not soon enough…

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