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Up until about a week or so ago I was intending to lump the modest parade of new 2012 figures by Safari Ltd, Papo, and other non-CollectA companies, into a single post. That was before the slow trickle of anticipated 2012 releases from these companies swelled to a veritable torrent , almost, but not quite, matching the army of  figures CollectA has in store for us next year. It therefore seems only right to reward them all with a separate post each. So, let’s will begin with Papo – Jurassic Park fans may wish to hold onto their hats.

With the much maligned Tylosaurus (see below) a distant memory, Papo have pulled it out of the bag and surprised us with news of not just one sad soggy reptile, but seven new prehistoric animal sculpts for 2012. And they’ve thrown in a repaint for good measure too. Here’s what we have:

First up, a brand new version of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex:

Papo T. rex resculpt, new for 2012

I suspect this new T. rex is supposed to be the male counterpart  to the prexisting female (repainted for 2012), because two baby Tyrannosaurus are also being introduced to complete the family pack:

Papo T. rex  babies, new for 2012

Also exciting, 2012 will see Papo produce their first ever sauropod, a mighty Brachiosaurus:

Papo Brachiosaurus, new for 2012

And we’ll breeze past the aforementioned Tylosaurus so find, bringing up the rear, and also sticking with the family theme, two new baby mammoths:

Papo T. rex resculpt, new for 2012

Coming up in the next few days, summaries of the new 2012 figures from Bullyland, Safari Ltd, and perhaps even Schleich if I’m in the mood.

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  • […] line, four new figures will be added. When we factor in all the new releases from Safari Ltd, Papo, CollectA, and Bullyland, we certainly have a lot to look forward to in […]

  • favourites are brachiosaurus-cuz it bulky and jurassic park based-
    tylosaurus-cuz it looks like old reconstruction –
    the young rexes arent accurate but it great to add to collection –
    rex is the worst sculpt-its shame cuz papo have the talent to make proper rex with small arms and correct skull and proper body shape-carnegie needs to update there t-rex cuz there is no good mass produced rex that is known of-only the high priced resin kits have the correct details-schleich carnegie bullyand or procon rexes arent great -safari2011 rex is to small and has faults as well

  • i agree with the comments mostly-the rex is dissapointing moslty cuz of obvius flaws-
    but the rest are interesting to say the least -acuallty the tylosaurus is nice cuz of its classic pose of old-always liked the old style cold blooded and slow and fat dinosaurs-they were more monsterous than the new reconstructions-
    brachiosaurus is a great sculpt and should be compared with 2012 carnegie brachiosaurus to show how thicker it is-
    bullyland are the most disapointing releases yet -moslty cuz of the production quality has remained the same in all of there releases-they need new type of plastic and maybe some new artists and more than2 releases -procon are the best and this year procon will make there mark in this field for sure with there great selection and variety

  • […] already previewed the upcoming offerings from CollectA (New CollectAs for 2012) and Papo (New Papos for 2012), so now we’ll have a peek at what Bullyland have in the pipeline. They have two new figures […]

  • T-rex (New sculpt)=February 2012
    T-rex (Repaint)=February 2012
    T-rex Juveniles=February 2012
    Tylosaurus=February 2012
    Mammoth Calves=March 2012?
    Brachiosaurus=July 2012
    I can’t wait ’till these come out! I’m going to get all of them (exept the T-rex repaint)! But I hope the T-rex new scupt is still brown (it looks way better that way.

  • Very excited for the Brachiosaurus! I was just looking at the Tamiya Brachio kit but after seeing this, I think I’ll go for Papo. Does anyone know when in 2012 these guys come out? Did anyone happen to see a sites taking pre-orders yet?

  • Doctor Adam, there used to be a function which allows for subscriptions of post comments by email. Do you think I might petition to have this back at all? 🙂 It makes following the comments much easier.

    • Himmapaan, I’ll see what I can do 🙂
      EDIT – I do believe the subscribe to comments option is now functional, there is a box you can check below the ‘submit’ button. Hope it works!

  • I like all of them, despite the faults. sure i like accurate figures, but most of the toys i own i bought simply because they look cool.

  • For all their faults, I LOVE these Papo T-rex and Brachiosaurus. Keeping with the heavy Jurassic Park inspiration, which is not a bad thing to a JP fan and collector.

  • A excepción del Tylosaurus que es un caso perdido el nuevo Tyranosaurus rex entiendo que está muy bien hecho a pesar de que tiene sus detractores. Por otra parte el Brachiosaurus no se lo que pensará el resto de los internautas… pero pienso comprármelo. Las crías de Tyranosaurus Rex y de Mamut Primigenius no dejan de ser graciosas aunque demasiado infantiles.

  • Tylosaurus Except it’s a case Tyrannosaurus rex lost again understand that is very well done even though it has its detractors. Moreover, the Brachiosaurus is not what you think the rest of the Internet … but I buy it. The offspring of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Mammoth Primigenius not cease to be funny but too childish.

  • I see that the new Dinosaurs are inspired by JP again.
    The adult Rex seems to have gone through a lot fighting and the babies are pretty much bulkier versions of the one seen in The Lost World.

    Not the most realistic depictions, but very fine Jurassic Park dinosaurs! Given that the Repaint of the old Rex has the same nunmber as the old one, one can expect it to replace the original, just like with the Velociraptor. So I should hurry to get it!

  • The brachiosaur is good overall, even if certain details are wrong (the feet!). The too-long arms and disfigured head of the Tyrannosaurus are unfortunate, but it’s impressively detailed and characterful.

  • Hell yeah! It’s simply refreshing to see Papo kicks some serious ass again! 😉

    That Brachio is gorgeous, and those Rexes… Just WOW!

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