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Review: Acrocanthosaurus (Papo)

3.7 (33 votes)
Review and photographs by Rajvinder “IrritatorRaji” Phull, edited by Suspsy
Like diamonds to a woman, Papo is a dinosaur lover’s best friend. While they tend to fall short in terms of scientific accuracy, their models are renowned for being packed to the brim with detail. Their offerings are pleasing to look at, even if it’s a slightly less enjoyable viewing experience for a trained eye.

News: Allosaurus (Papo) (new for 2008)

3.5 (24 votes)
EDIT – October 2008- The Papo Allosaurus is now available here.
And full review of this figure is featured here
The latest in Papo’s line of detailed prehistoric creature figures was unveiled today in their 2008 Catalogue. The new addition is a super-cool Allosaurus and it is remarkable for plenty of reasons.

Review: Allosaurus (Papo) (Review)

4 (32 votes)
Available on Amazon here.
Back in January 2008, the Dinosaur Toy Blog announced the unveiling of Papo’s latest addition to their dinosaur line (here). Well, it’s finally for sale so I’ve had the opportunity to review the figure in more detail and provide some detailed photographs. Long story short – the figure is amazing – I can’t take my eyes off it.

Review: Amargasaurus (Papo)

2.7 (15 votes)
Edited by Dinotoyblog
Over the years, Papo’s prehistoric creatures have become one of the most popular on the market, mainly due to their immense detailing and outstanding paint applications. However, while Papo boasts excellently crafted figures like the Acrocanthosaurus and Spinosaurus, there are also some figure that are considered ‘stinkers’ in the eyes of the dinosaur toy collecting community.

Review: Ankylosaurus (Papo)

3 (19 votes)
First things first – this is yet another “Ankylosaurus” model that is nothing of the sort, instead rather obviously being based on Euoplocephalus (would giving these figures the correct name really harm their commercial prospects that much?). It’s also Papo’s very latest dinosaur, released a few months ago and well overdue the Dinosaur Toy Blog treatment.
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Review: Apatosaurus (Papo)

4.2 (19 votes)
Apatosaurus, with its great size, great neck, and even greater tail, is the quintessential sauropod. Along with Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus rex, it is one of those iconic dinosaurs that everyone recognizes instantly. Although it was long thought to have been the same animal as Brontosaurus, a 2015 study has concluded that the two were in fact separate genera.

Review: Archaeopteryx (Papo)

4.1 (18 votes)
First discovered in 1861, Archaeopteryx lithographica was the first fossil to demonstrate an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. As such, it rightly remains one of the most famous and important fossils in the history of paleontology.

Archaeopteryx rounds out Papo’s prehistoric assortment for 2014 and it does seem fitting that their first feathered dinosaur should be the legendary Ancient Wing itself.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Papo)

4.1 (16 votes)
At long last, it’s here – the most anticipated Papo figure of 2012! By ‘here’ I of course mean the blog, as it’s been on sale for quite some time now (everywhere but in the UK at least). It’s certainly an intriguing, not to mention suitably massive, figure, and I think an awful lot of people will find it impossible to resist.

Review: Carnotaurus (Mini)(Papo)

1.4 (16 votes)
Carnotaurus is hardly one of the largest theropods, or even the largest member of its family, the abelisaurs. But with its short snout, large brow horns, and teeny weeny arms, it has become one of the most instantly recognizable dinosaurs. It featured as a villain in the 2000 Disney film Dinosaur and in the animatronic adventure ride of the same name at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Review: Carnotaurus (Papo)

3.5 (20 votes)
In the past, Papo have tended to make their theropods either too scaly or too monstrous. Fortunately, the real Carnotaurus was both very scaly and rather scary-looking – why, it even had a pair of devilish horns protruding from its very toothy head. If any dinosaur was begging to be turned into a figure by the French toymongers, it was surely this one – and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve pulled it off very nicely.

Review: Cave Bear (Papo)

4.7 (12 votes)
Review and photos by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy
Back in the day, most producers of prehistoric fauna in plastic would have included a couple of mammals among their dinosaurs, the usual suspects being the mammoth and the sabretooth. Good to see that has changed over the years, with all manner of ancient mammals getting a look in, but there’s still not a lot of attention given to the cave bear.

Review: Ceratosaurus (Papo)

4.4 (22 votes)
Review and photos by Rajvinder “IrritatorRaji” Phull
With its spike in popularity over the years, and with much help from well known franchises such as Jurassic Park, the Ceratosaurus is starting to appeal more to mainstream audiences, especially as more and more toy companies begin to release their takes on this fascinating animal.

Review: Compsognathus (Papo)

4.1 (16 votes)

Review and photos by James Burnside, edited by Suspsy

Though the Procompsognathus had already made its mark on the original Jurassic Park novel, the unassuming ‘Compy’ only truly first scampered into the public conscious in a big way in 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park in which it is depicted as a deceptively cute, harmless, and even playful critter right up until it overwhelms its unsuspecting prey with sheer numbers.

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