Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2013)

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Although it’s only September, Safari Ltd have already provided information on the new figures they plan to release in 2013. The line up of prehistoric animals includes one new addition to the Carnegie Collection, several new critters in the Wild Safari line, and a new ‘toob’. Presumably information about the new releases from CollectA, Papo, and Bullyland will follow shortly. In the meantime, here’s what Safari Ltd have in store.

Concavenator, the newest theropod to be added to the Carnegie Collection. As was the case last year, only a single new Carnegie figure is on the table for 2013.
concavenator carnegie 2013

There will be five new Wild Safari figures in 2013:

Elasmosaurus, a long-necked marine reptile:
Elasmosaurus Wild Safari 2013

Diabloceratops, a fancy-frilled new horned dinosaur:
Diabloceratops Wild Safari 2013

Gryposaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur:
Gryposaurus Wild Safari 2013

Gastornis, a giant predatory bird:
Gastornis Wild Safari 2013

Dimorphodon, an early pterosaur with a long tail and a large head:
Dimorphodon Wild Safari 2013

The new toob for 2013 is a selection of Cambrian Era creatures:
Cambrian toob Safari Ltd 2013

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  • I’ve seen in Wikipedia that Carnegie have plans for a Kosmoceratops in 2014.It seems that the trend of adding ceratopsians to their range continues.What exciting!!!

  • Please,could you review in the blog the 2013 releases from CollectA?Thanks.

  • the wild safari line is more interesting than the main carnegie line-only 1 release of a figure that isnt that popular isnt exciting -they should have released new apatosaurus or big heavy dinosaur that wod be even better

  • The Diabloceratops, Gastornis, and Gryposaurus are definitely going on my wish list! The more ceratopsians, hadrosaurs, and Tertiary critters, the better!

  • El Concavenator me parece soberbio.

  • All of these make me really happy.

  • Nice! Always good to see more Cenozoic creatures, the flat-headed hadrosaurs are never well-represented, and the Cambrian is a period I’ve yet to collect anything from.

  • The additions to the Wild Safari line look great, but it makes me sad to know that again only one figure is added to the Carnegie collection. The colors are the same Elasmosaurus those applied to the Brachiosaurus in the same line. The Diabloceratops great looks, a dynamic pose that reminds me of Carnegie triceratops and its colors are interesting, others are interesting additions.

  • What, no Hallucigenia? RAGE RAAAAAAGE

    I’ll just have to content myself with a cuddly stuffed one from Japan.

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