Allosaurus (Papo) (new for 2008)

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EDIT – October 2008- The Papo Allosaurus is now available here.
And full review of this figure is featured here

The latest in Papo’s line of detailed prehistoric creature figures was unveiled today in their 2008 Catalogue. The new addition is a super-cool Allosaurus and it is remarkable for plenty of reasons.

The new Allosaurus is similar to the existing Papo sculpts in a number of aspects: the detail is immense, the colouring is vivid but natural, the pose is fluid and dynamic, and the lower jaw is poseable. However, the Allosaurus also stands out from all of the other dinosaurs in the series because it is not been based on the dinosaurs portrayed in the Jurassic Park movies. This figure on the other hand, represents a dinosaur not even portrayed in Jurassic Park and is a original sculpt strongly reminiscent of the work of palaeoartist Todd Marshall.

There are some speculative details in this sculpt, notable are the protruding scales (not feathers) on the top of the neck and on parts of the back. I personally like this sort of detail, dinosaur figures are always open to a degree of artistic licence but this touches are usually beneficial in terms of the aesthetics of the model and in this case add a realistic feel to the animal; many dinosaur figures are often quite conservative in this regard.

The legs and arms are muscular (perhaps a little too strongly developed in the feet) and the animal is taking a long stride, the tail is long and held high so that the figure balances perfectly on two feet. I do not yet know the length of the figure and will update this blog when I find out – I believe it is around 25cm long or so. The claws are black and the teeth are white, while the skinn is covered in a mottled pattern of greys and greens with some orange highlights. The eye ridges are typical of this genus. In all honesty, this is probably the best mass-produced dinosaur figure currently available (possibly ever) and redeems Papo for all of the erroneous details in some of their other figures. Papo is raising the standard in museum quality dinosaur toys, lets hope that the other companies such as Schleich, Bullyland and Safari will keep up…

Available here.

The full review of this figure is here

Allosaurus by Papo 2008
Image from Papo Catalogue, 2008

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