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Well, well, well. This right here could well be the weirdest and funniest prehistoric toy that’s ever been made. Coming to you from Bandai, it’s the Unitrobo Anomalocaris Hot Dog!


This set consists of two components, the first one being a pretty nice-looking Anomalocaris.


The second component is that super popular fast food item known as a hot dog. This one is lined with lettuce and topped with a squiggle of mustard.

Hot dog

The Cambrian invertebrate and the staple of baseball games unite to form what appears to be a robotic Brachiosaurus, with a wiener for a neck no less.

Combined dinosaur mode

This crazy combination is listed at Hobby Link Japan with a November release date. One wonders if Bandai has more such products planned. A sea scorpion that unites with a pizza slice to form a Tyrannosaurus rex, perhaps?

Anomalocaris and hot dog combine to form dinosaur

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  • There was a few other sets that form into prehistoric animals of sorts, in particular:

    “Helicopter Ice Cream” combines into a Triceratops robot
    “Pancake Dump Truck” combines into a mammoth robot
    “High Speed Train Cheese” combines into a Pteranodon robot
    “Taxi Tree” combines into a T. rex robot
    “Pineapple Bus” combines into a Smilodon like robot
    “Whale UFO” also combines into a Dimetrodon like robot

    That said this particular set is the only one to include a prehistoric animal that isn’t a “robot” per se.

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