Brand: Bandai

Quetzalcoatlus (The Dinosaurs Gallery, Vol. 2, by Bandai)

1.8 (5 votes)
The Bandai Quetzalcoatlus is one of eight small toys released in the second instalment (volume 2) of The Dinosaurs Gallery series in 2006. The earlier Volume 1 consisted of five toys, and Bandai have also produced several other series of prehistoric animal models. Yet, somehow we’ve never reviewed a Bandai figure on the Dinosaur Toy Blog before.

Upcoming release from Bandai (New for 2023)

3.1 (37 votes)

Now here’s something rather exciting from Bandai: the Plannasaurus Spinosaurus. First you assemble the plastic skeleton, then you attach the skin and flesh pieces to create the most up-to-date restoration of the world’s most famous finned fish eater. I believe this is the very first “new” Spinosaurus figure that isn’t posed in a swimming or quadrupedal stnace.

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