Upcoming release from LEGO (New for 2024)(Pt. 2)

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A new LEGO Creator summer set has just been revealed: 31151 T. rex!

If this set looks somehow familiar to you, that’s because it’s essentially a major upgrade of Mighty Dinosaurs. The main model also bears a striking resemblance to T. rex Rampage, although not as ginormous.

This set is slated for release on August 1, and you can bet a certain pair of minifigures will be reviewing it here eventually!

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  • That Pteranodon looks WAY too cluttered, but the Rex looks decent, just a smaller version of 75936- just without the excuse of being a JP product

  • @dinotoyblog Lego need some people that know dinosaurs working on these sets.

    • Well, the designers are somewhat restricted by the number and nature of pieces designated for the set. More accurate designs might make the 3 in 1 concept harder to pull off, and drive up the price tag.

      • @dinotoyblog pfft, bet I could do a better job. They are making the same cartoon JP errors everyone that doesn’t know dinosaurs makes.

        • I’m sure you could, but probably not without compromising piece count and price point. There’s also the play factor as well. A LEGO Pteranodon with correctly sized legs will be more accurate, but potentially less fun to play with and harder to stand up.

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