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News: Creative Beast Studio and Eons announce Prehistoric Elephants

5 (11 votes)

If David Silva of Creative Beast Studio could be summed up in a single word, I think that word would be “ambitious.” In addition to his ongoing Beasts of the Mesozoic and Cyberzoic series, he has made the following announcement:

Toy manufacturers don’t think that people are interested in scientific accuracy, but Eons and Creative Beast Studio know otherwise!

News: Upcoming release from Creative Beast Studio (New for 2024)(Pt.3)

4.5 (19 votes)

Deinonychus was perhaps the most noticeable omission from the Beasts of the Mesozoic Raptor Series, but it will soon be available in all its feathery glory! Check out these images of the 1/18 scale painted prototype.

The terrible claw never looked better. It is slated for release this coming October.

News: Upcoming releases from Creative Beast Studio (New for 2024)(Pt.2)

4 (21 votes)

Creative Beast has released the catalog shots of the Cyberzoic Achillobator. Decked out in Fire Clan armour and ridden by a Fire Guard, it looks like one scary customer!

And don’t forget that the armour can be reconfigured into a relentless Razorhead robot!

Also recently released are these images of the painted prototype of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Dilophosaurus.

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Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Extreme Damage)(Jurassic World by Mattel)

3 (15 votes)

Review and photographs by Dilopho, edited by Suspsy

Hello, DinoToyBlog readers! Back in 2018, I took a look at the then brand-new Extreme Chompin’ Tyrannosaurus rex from Mattel. Now, six years later, I return with a look at one of its now numerous variants. There have been over 20 different T.

News: Upcoming release from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.22)

3.5 (15 votes)

For this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Mattel is offering up an exclusive set featuring the late music legend and philanthropist Jimmy Buffett, who had a very brief cameo in Jurassic World.

As you can see, the set consists of Buffett’s character, two margaritas, three miniature Dimorphodons with display rods, and a glass-shaped stand.

Review: Diablo (Primal Rage by Playmates)

2.9 (27 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy.

As most dinosaur fans that grew up in the 1990s know, Primal Rage from 1994 was a fighting game pitting stop motion animated dinosaurs and apes against each other, with very violent and sometimes bizarre attacks that inevitably led to parental outrage.

Review: Protoceratops (Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company)

3 (18 votes)

Review and photos by Torvosaurus, edited by Suspsy.

Howdy from wonderful, windy Wyoming! Today we’ll take a look at the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit (HLBS) Protoceratops. This review will be a relatively short review, as there isn’t much to this figure, which was made sometime during the 1990s.

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