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Tyrannosaurus rex (1/35 Scale Kickstarter Exclusive)(Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

4.3 (6 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

The year was 2000 and I was 9 years old. I remember sitting wide-eyed watching the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs documentary series on the Discovery Channel on the big television in my family’s living room, with my parents. I eagerly anticipated every episode, which introduced me to familiar and new dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, plus environments the likes of which I hadn’t seen before.

Shastasaurus (CollectA)

4.8 (62 votes)

Review and images by Kikimalou, edited by Suspsy

This is the very first time I’ve submitted a review for DTB and I thought that the new 2023 CollectA Shastasaurus would do the trick. What attracted me to this new ichthyosaur is the black and white interpretation. I like it when a creature from the past smells of convergent evolution.

Anomalocaris (CollectA)

4.8 (77 votes)

Review and images by bmathison1972; edited by Suspsy

In 2023, CollectA added Anomalocaris canadensis to its growing collection of Paleozoic invertebrates, following fellow arthropod Redlichia and mollusks Passaloteuthis, Pleuroceras, Orthoceras, Cooperoceras, and Pravitoceras (not to mention an extant nautilus and horseshoe crab). At this point A. canadensis probably doesn’t need much of an introduction on the Blog (I myself have reviewed it three times previously).

Armadon (Primal Rage by Playmates)

2.2 (41 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy

The 1994 Atari fighting game Primal Rage featured a roster of stop-motion animated dinosaurs and giant apes that battled it out on a post-apocalyptic Earth (or “Urth”), which seems like an irresistible concept for a toyline, with Playmates jumping to the task in 1996, possibly to coincide with the sequel of the game which never materialised (toys based on characters from the sequel were also produced).

Talon (Primal Rage by Playmates)

3.4 (47 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy

Ever since I first saw preview pictures of the stop motion figures used to animate the dinosaurs in the 1994 Atari fighting game Primal Rage in a Nintendo magazine, I thought, “Wow, they would have made great toys.” Fast forward to a few years ago where I learned such toys were actually produced by Playmates of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, and I got a few of them used.

Velociraptor “Blue” (Jurassic World: Ferocious Pack by Mattel)

1.6 (25 votes)

Review and photos by Prehistory Resurrection, edited by Suspsy

Mattel has made more ”Blue” toys (as well as other Velociraptors) than you can shake a stick at. Today, we will be taking a look at one of several incarnations of the beloved raptor: their Jurassic World Dominion Ferocious Pack version. Blue is the fourth and final figure forming part of the first wave of the FP line to be reviewed; the other three figures being Dsungaripterus, Miragaia, and Moros.  Like those ones, Blue comes in an open package.

Ceratosaurus (2021)(Schleich)

3.2 (22 votes)

Review and photos by Prehistory Resurrection, edited by Suspsy

Back in 1994, Schleich released its now-discontinued Replica-Saurus line of dinosaur figures, which included perhaps the goofiest, ugliest, and most hideous dinosaur figure ever manufactured, their first Ceratosaurus sculpt, in a quadrupedal stance. It was finally retired in 2005. For 2021, Schleich released a new and much improved version which is the subject of this review.

Titanochelon bolivari (1:20 Miocene Collection by Signatustudio)

5 (7 votes)

Review and images by bmathison1972; edited by Suspsy

Signatustudio is a line of animal replicas made by artist J. Miguel Aparicio out of Spain. Most of his models are in the 1:20 scale and represent the fauna of Eurasia, including the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, Tibetan Plateau, and Euro-Siberian regions.

Dilophosaurus (Jurassic World: Amber Collection by Mattel)

3.1 (15 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

Before the mainline sized 3.75″ Hammond Collection came onto the scene this year and became all the rage, there was the ill-fated Amber Collection, a line of figures intended for 1/12 scale collectors. After its launch in late 2019, it saw poor species diversity (too many Velociraptor figures), poor quality control, poor accuracy to the source material at times, and limited distribution globally (mostly online only), etc.

Gwangi (X-Plus/Star Ace)

4.5 (10 votes)

Review and images by GiganotosaurusFan, edited by Suspsy

The year was 1969 and everyone was talking about the new show-stopping dinosaur movie made by Ray Harryhausen. It was The Valley of Gwangi, an epic tale of how the last living Allosaurus was found, captured, and eventually met a grandiose, spectacular, and tragic end after a cathedral crashed down on top of it with a bang. Naturally, the film was a success, and that iconic, menacing Allosaurus would remain in many people’s hearts for years to come.

Triceratops (1:18 Scale)(Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

4.8 (34 votes)

Review and images by Pliosaurking, edited by Suspsy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first DTB review in which I’ll be covering the Beasts of the Mesozoic adult Triceratops horridus by Creative Beast Studio! Triceratops is one of the most iconic and recognizable dinosaurs of all time, and also one of a small number of dinosaurs that the general public can name off the top of their heads.

Opabinia regalis (Scientific Models by Trilobiti Design)

5 (6 votes)

Review and images by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy

Opabinia regalis is an enigmatic arthropod (or arthropod-like animal) from the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale Lagerstätte of present-day British Columbia. It was a benthic predator, scouring the bottom of the Cambrian Seas for soft-bodied prey nearly 505 million years ago. The phylogenetic relationships of O.

Rugops (Jurassic World: Ferocious Pack by Mattel)

2.5 (13 votes)

Review and photos by PrimevalRaptor, edited by Suspsy

Since obtaining the Jurassic World license, Mattel has been pumping out a lot of figures in their toyline for the series, bringing a fresh wind into the dinosaur toy market especially over here in Germany where shelves usually are dominated by Schleich models.

Allosaurus (PNSO)

4.3 (19 votes)

Review and photos by Zim, edited by Suspsy

Allosaurus (meaning “different lizard”) is probably the most well known large predator of the Late Jurassic period some 155-145 million years ago, similar to how Tyrannosaurus was in the Late Cretaceous period. It reaches sizes of 8 to 9.6 metres long, but could possibly reach up to 13 metres (more on that later).

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