Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2024)(Pt. 3)

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You already met Xana a few years ago; now meet Xilin, PNSO’s new and improved take on Wuerhosaurus!

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Really liking those bold blue streaks on Xilin’s plates, an excellent touch! PNSO really does excel at stegosaurs in particular.

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  • This figure begs the same question as PNSO’s “lipless Carcharodontid cavalcade” of figures of a few years back: WHY?

    The animal – as depicted here – is hardly THAT different from Steg. Stenops, so well-done by PNSO in the past.

    This one suffers by contrast – and I mean in EVERY way. From the bizarre and off-putting color choices for the back plates, to the boring brown body patterning now gracing … err, more like RUINING every otherwise accurate PNSO sculpt of late.

    WHY? Haolonggood manages to produce far more imaginative paint ups – at far lower cost. And just as a great paint up can save an otherwise problematic figure, a lousy one can ruin the appeal of an otherwise accurate sculpt.

    Then there is the boxy, frankly unappealing body design chosen for this one. This Steg. species isn’t well-described anyways, so … there was no reason to produce this figure.

    When this doesn’t sell (because its a lousy figure, not because its a herbivore), expect PNSO to go back to their “brown boring theropod parade”.

    Personally I am starting to suspect that PNSO’s sales have taken some major “torpedoes below the waterline” due to a combination of cheaper, and just as accurate, Haolonggood figures – with far better paint jobs – and PNSO’s higher pricing.

    I’ll say this: PNSO better figure out “who they want to be” as a company – and fast, else they will go the way of Vitae and be out of business.

    • les dinosaure de HAOLONGGOOD ont sertaine fois moin de détaille et ont plus souvent des peinture un peut bizarre et contrairement a pnso car exemple les modèle telle que KOSMOCERATOPS , EUOPLOCEPHALUS et TLATOLOPHUS ne sont pas bien peint et ne sont donc par conséquence pas réaliste alors que les modèle de pnso sont toujour bien peint bien que se ne soit pas très imaginatif mais se modèle de pnso est assez bien car il est détaillé et a une très bonne peinture avec des beau motif . Donc pourquoi se plaindre tous le temp sur se que fait pnso car il sont le droit de faire se qu’ils veut d’ailleurs je suis sur qu’ils sont rajouter des lèvre sur leur théropodes a cause de personnes comme vous

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