Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2024)(Pt. 4)

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The three final 2024 CollectA toys have been revealed! First up is the very first ever toy of Nanuqsaurus! This Alaskan tyrannosaurid was smaller than Albertosaurus and much smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex, but if you saw its appearance in Prehistoric Planet, you know it was a savage and pitiless predator! This toy is part of the Age of Dinosaurs Popular series, so it’s fairly small at 15.7 cm long and 4.5 cm tall.

Next up is a 20.5 cm long 1:20 scale Deluxe version of the massive marsupial from down under, Diprotodon. Unlike the version from Southlands Replicas (sure wish they were still in business), this toy represents a male and a hardened one at that. He features a torn left ear and scars on his right cheek and left thigh from an encounter with a Thylacoleo (could we be getting one from CollectA in 2025?).

And last of all is a 1:20 scale Deluxe Placerias measuring 15.7 cm long. This is CollectA’s second dicynodont after their 2020 Lisowicia. Like its larger cousin, this Placerias boasts an impressive set of tusks, but it also features a thin smattering of hair on its back!

All three toys are set to be released in mid-2024. All in all, another very exciting assortment from CollectA!

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