Diprotodon (Southlands replicas)

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Southlands Replicas has grown to become a really great little toy company for Australian animals. Their figures are high quality, providing a great range of unique Aussie species (and a few horses). What has stood out for many on this site is the inclusion of two extinct species in their initial line, Thylacine and Thylacoleo. I think I speak for many when I say we were thrilled with them, and excited when they announced they would be making one of the first models of Diprotodon, the largest marsupial of all. Well, after a year, it’s finally here! Let’s see how it came out!

This figure is 6.1” long and 4.3” high, making it a suitably large figure, great alongside its fellow Southlands Replicas figures. The colouring is a mix of greys and browns, with splendid airbrushed markings and muscles, adding to the amazing texture of the figure, detailing the mouth, nostrils, pads and fur phenomenally. She (the figure has a pouch, and it is advertised as a female, hopefully a sign there are more to come?) seems to be plodding along, while either calling for herd members or eating leaves.  My only gripe with this figure is, due to it being vinyl for cost reasons, the joining process leaves an annoying seam around the figure. It would become very pricey if it were one piece, so I understand the logic, plus it doesn’t stand out too badly.

With that said, lets see how accuracy comes across. There is very little to complain about here, as the big, bulky body, inward curving feet and fur textures are rendered brilliantly. Even the teeth are all perfectly portrayed, it looks like the rhino sized wombat that it is.

I really love this figure and am so glad that it was produced to this level. While the seam is annoying, I have seen much worse examples (see Geoworld for this). I can’t recommend it enough. If you want one, I recommend Minizoo, as they provide a fast, easy service out of Australia. I hope this is a sign that we may yet get a few larger extinct species in Southlands repertoire. I’d love to see the try Procoptodon and Megalania, maybe eventually do Mesozoic species like Koolasuchus, or even the weird Palaeozoic species from the Emu Bay Lagerstaten. Either way, I will be watching eagerly.

Diprotodon with it’s contemporary kin: (from left to right) Mojo Thylacine, Southlands Thylacoleo, Geoworld Procoptodon, Diprotodon, Southlands and Collecta Thylacine

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  • It is a great figure. I was surprised to discover it was hollow and light, but I get it. Fits right in with lots of my large prehistoric mammals.

    Also, they’re available online in Canada too, I brought some in for my store! FaunaFigures.com

  • I would buy the heck out of some Emu Bay (or Gogo Reef) figures.

  • Soutlands diprotodon is highly recommended and does not have to envy the best prehistoric toy mammal brands despite their vinyl material. I hope that over time they complete the family with offspring (male and female) and alpha “male”. It would be interesting to see families of prehistoric mammals as we see them in current mammals.

  • Really looking forward to nabbing one of these babies. I can’t wait for SR to tackle some Australian dinosaurs.

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