Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2024)(Pt. 1.5)

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Last month, we saw the prototypes of Haolonggood’s gargantuan Alamosaurus trio. Now gaze upon the final production versions. They’re not as vividly coloured as before, but still quite attractive. Blue remains my favourite. Can’t wait to see someone review this behemoth!

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  • Spectacular! You really can’t go wrong with any of the paint jobs. Plain paint up #1 is probably the most life realistic, but #2 blue is my favorite (by a nose over the almost-as-pretty #3 brown variant). Now we have beautiful 1/35 Titanosaur models. We are getting spoiled. Haolonggood “Rocks The House” once again!!! :>)

    • Having said the above, there is one thought I had when Paleofiguras showed this figure next to the PNSO Alamo., which it absolutely dwarfs by comparison: I wish Haolonggood had made the tail and neck detachable – this would have significantly lowered the shipping costs. Right now the cost to ship one of these basically almost equals the cost of the figure itself, which is a non-starter for a lot of collectors. I will be waiting til their Black Friday sale 2024 before even considering this purchase as a result …

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