Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.19)

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Quite a slew of upcoming Jurassic World releases this time around, all of them based on the Chaos Theory cartoon airing on Netflix.

Walmart Exclusive Chomp Back Baryonyx.

Battle Roarin’ Becklespinax.

Target Exclusive Ben Escape Pack with Atrociraptor and Dilophosaurus.

Target Exclusive Darius Adventure Pack with Carnotaurus, Dimorphodon, and Stygimoloch.

Kenji and Stygimoloch Defender Pack.

Yaz and Monolophosaurus Rescue Pack.

Target Exclusive Minis Multipack.

Mega Roar Allosaurus.

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  • Baryonyx: Beautiful Colors but very short tail
    Becklespinax: Love it
    Ben Escape Pack: Just repaints, not that special
    Darius Adventure Pack: I like the Carno Toro repaint but the Set isn´t special
    Kenji and Stygimoloch: Nothing special
    Yaz and Monolophosaurus: What I don´t like is the Body of the old Monolophosaurus from 2018 with the replaced CC Head, but I like the Little Compy.
    Mini Multipacks: A few that I don´t have and Finally a Mosasaurus as “Mystery” Pack Figure.
    Mega Roar Allosaurus: I won´t buy it, but it looks Evilish Cute

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