Upcoming releases from Papo (New for 2014)

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This is little more than a formality at this stage as most readers will already be aware of Papo’s new dinosaurian additions for 2014. However, it doesn’t hurt to quickly recap what we have in store this year. Papo will produce three new standard figures for 2014 as well as a set of six miniature figures.

Dilophosaurus. This one has been on the cards for a long time. The majority of Papo’s dinosaurs are Jurassic Park-inspired and so the lack of a Dilophosaurus in their line, one of JPs big stars, was always notable. Interestingly, the upcoming figure seems to bear little resemblance to its Jurassic Park screen counterpart.

Dilophosaurus Papo New for 2014

Archaeopteryx. Well, this is a welcome surprise! Figures of the famous ‘first bird’ are thin on the ground so this will be a must have for many collectors.

Archaeopteryx Papo New for 2014

Triceratops baby. Previous years have seen T.rex babies added to the Papo dinosaur line and now it’s the turn of the Triceratops to bear young. This figure is most definitely Jurassic Park inspired, although the baby Triceratops model that was produced for the original Jurassic Park was never used, it did make brief cameo appearance in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The only original Jurassic Park movie species now missing from Papo’s list is Gallimimus (correct me if I’m wrong).

Triceratops baby Papo New for 2014

Finally, there’s this selection of six miniatures, essentially shrunk down versions of the standard-size representations of these species. The set includes Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and Brachiosaurus.

Mini dinosaurus Papo New for 2014

Hopefully we will get around to reviewing all of the above properly in the coming year…

In the meantime, for more pictures and discussion about these new figures, see the following dinotoyforum thread: https://dinotoyblog.com/forum/index.php/topic,1821.0.html

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  • i cant wait for this to come out! haha

  • They look okay but I won’t buy any. The dilophosaurus would be my first option though

  • Papo still has a few to go. In JP 2 there were Procompsognathus, and a large sauropod, I guessed a Diplodicus & in JP 3 there were Corythosaurus and Ceratosaurus.

    • From the original movie they only have Gallimimus. From TLW:JP they have Mamenchisaurus (your Diplodocus) and Compsognathus (it was Procomsognathus in the book). From JP/// they have Corythosaurus and Ankylosaurus (technically already done, but their effort was clearly a Euoplocephalus). From JW they have Mosasaurus, Dimorphodon and Apatosaurus).

  • […] had a good ogle at the upcoming (or already released) 2014 dinosaur figures from Papo, Schleich, Safari Ltd, and CollectA, but there’s another well-known long-standing dinosaur […]

  • It is an enterprise escelente Papo year regarding dinosaurs.
    Rather than the jaws of Dilophosaurus and the majority oponión Archeopteryx front was not articulated as an adult collector would appreciate handsomely.
    Moreover it is as always appreciated the excellent commentary on duty and excellent photos, news on Papo 2014, which delay penalty both in its release into the toy market.

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