Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2015)

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It seems that all of the Schleich releases planned for next year are known and the line up for 2015 is now looking quite extensive. On their Facebook page Schleich are still officially trying to tease us about what they have in store, so most of this information comes from unofficial leaks, I guess. Nevertheless, lists and pictures have been posted on various forums and blogs, so the information is out there. I’ll recap how things stand here, but I’ll edit this post if anything changes.

There will apparently be four new ‘large’ models added to the ‘World of History’ line, two of them species brand new to the set:

Anhanguera. Colourful if a little cartoony. Has an articulated jaw for playability.
Anhanguera Schleich 2015

Kentrosaurus. This figure is receiving the most critical acclaim and was one of the first Schleich 2015 figures to become known. In conjunction with the Anhanguera it gave collectors high hopes that Schleich was heading in a new direction in terms of anatomical accuracy, attention to detail, and finesse of sculpture.
Kentrosaurus Schleich 2015

This hope was misplaced and short-lived, for the two other figures in this line provided something of a swift slap in the face to those daring enough to entrust Schleich with producing museum-quality dinosaurs in the future. These two other ‘new’ figures demonstrate that Schleich hasn’t really changed at all.

Spinosaurus. Has an articulated jaw for playability.
Spinosaurus Schleich 2015

Giganotosaurus. Also has an articulated jaw for playability.
Giganotosaurus Schleich 2015

Both typical Schleich affairs – colourful but lacking in realism.

There are plenty of other figures set for release in 2015 too. A series of ‘small’ figures including six species already produced by Schleich in other lines. Some of these look better than others:

Carnotaurus Schleich 2015

giganotosaurus Schleich 2015

Therizinosaurus Schleich 2015

Triceratops Schleich 2015

tyrannosaurus Schleich 2015

Velociraptor Schleich 2015

Much ado has been made of the apparently armless Carnotaurus in this set, and in response Schleich has assured us all (via Everything Dinosaur) that arms are present in this model (even if they are not visible in the photographs) – time will tell.

Another new set of even smaller dinosaurs is also in the pipeline for next year. This ‘mini-dino’ set contains eight familiar species, as follows:

Pentaceratops Schleich 2015

Quetzalcoatlus Schleich 2015

Triceratops Schleich 2015

Stegosaurus Schleich 2015

Spinosaurus Schleich 2015

Saichania Schleich 2015

velociraptor Schleich 2015

tyrannosaurus Schleich 2015

So, that’s at least 18 new dinosaur figures, in all sorts of sizes, from Schleich in 2015! One might think they are trying to tie in with some global dinosaur pop-cultural phenomenon scheduled for next year (cough – Jurassic World – cough).

But wait, there’s more! Schleich are also releasing some play sets/accessories in 2015. A cave, some plants, some raptor babies, and so on. I’ll post photos of these too when they become available.

Schleich dinosaur toys are available from Amazon.com here.

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  • My god, that Carnotaurus looks terrifying (although, is it just me, or does it not have any arms)

    On a more serious note, I hate (and refuse to buy) bipedal dinosaurs where the tail is bent down to keep it stable. It just looks really awkward. Exhibit A: the Carnotaurus.

  • When should we expect news from Papo of next year’s new paposaurs?

  • I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on the big Spinosaurus–they appear to be trying to find a middle ground between traditionally interpretations of the big croc-mimic and the new Ibrahim et al. (2014) interpretation, which casts Spinosaurus as a quadrupedal, long-slung, water-logged predator.

    The mid-sized “Triceratops” is clearly not Triceratops, though. It looks more like a Torosaurus with a wide frill. *shrug*

  • I don’t think I would have accepted this level of inaccuracy as a kid. The colors are nice, though.

  • As you stated, the Kentrosaurus looks to be the one. A little boiling water to adjust–as in make them more threatening/usable (its not a cactus)–the tail spikes and you’ve got a real winner. Stuff the rest back into the toy box, thank you very much.


  • It’s a shame that a company like Loose Figures Schleich do so, even if only toys, and I know they are obviously designed exclusively for children. But apart from the comment so successful and accurate help me redundancy of the entire article that corroborated, I think regardless of his figures schleich would innovate a bit more, much repeated and even for a child if they serve the same products just tiring.
    It is as if a child is served in the same house his parents eventually burn menu. Also understand that even if it is intended for children should serve to educate and learn about the historical background of the animals before us on earth, and that would be achieved with dinosaurs made with better grace. I understand that something is wrong when the company repeats uncatalogs much and so much (in fact I have all the figures), I do not think a company successful in today’s market, in relation to the subject.
    Moreover the kentrosaurus gave some hopes have faded.

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