Gallimimus (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Attack Pack by Mattel)

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I reviewed the original Attack Pack Gallimimus back in 2018, with its sandy brown color tones, it was the first of many Gallimimus toys from Mattel. Indeed, the Attack Pack Gallimimus has received so many re-paints over the last few years that I would be hard pressed to list them all. I don’t normally indulge in repaints, preferring instead to save my money for figures I don’t already have. On occasion though, a re-paint comes out that cannot be ignored. Such is the case here with this Camp Cretaceous re-release of the Attack Pack Gallimimus.

This Gallimimus is something special because it’s definitely a love letter to us older collectors that grew up during the Kenner days. The paint job here is a virtually identical match to Kenner’s Jurassic Park Series 2 Gallimimus, released in 1994. With its orange base color and vibrant red and blue patterning the Kenner Gallimimus was one of the most visually striking toys in the original line. I never had it growing up and likely won’t get it as an adult. It has become a highly sought-after toy that on eBay commands at least $120 unpackaged, and with the packaging you’re looking at $500+. For $7 I think this Attack Pack toy should fill its place well enough.

Since I already reviewed this toy, I’ll mostly be focusing on the only thing that differs between this one and that one, the paintjob. If you want a review of the toy itself, here you go. The Kenner Gallimimus still doesn’t have a blog review.

The Kenner inspired Gallimimus has an orange base color with a pale-yellow underside. The head, back of the neck, and back are painted blue with the color bleeding down the sides of the figure. Overlapping the blue coloration are red stripes running down the neck and back. The eyes are green with black, round pupils. The original Mattel release of this toy had elliptical pupils.

For such a small and cheap toy this is a complex paint job, usually Mattel toys are limited to two or three colors but this one has four. Counting the eyes there are six colors at play. Mattel often likes to leave the pupils unpainted, as they did on their first Gallimimus. This means that the pupil ends up being the same color as the base color. Mattel opted not to do that this time, which I appreciate.

As usual, the nails are all left unpainted, but this is typical of Mattel toys. My only real complaint is that none of the coloration along the back extends down the tail. The tail is completely orange. This is a money saving tactic that Mattel likes to use often. The original Kenner toy has the blue and red extending down the tail so I feel like Mattel should have taken that extra step and done it here. Also, despite the oversized feet this toy isn’t stable. My original Mattel figure won’t stand on its own anymore and I imagine the same will be true for this one.

Mattel has really done something special here and I hope it’s something we see more of in the future. I’ve sworn myself off of getting anymore Mattel Tyrannosaurus toys but if they were to release their own Red Rex I would be hard pressed to ignore it. How about a Kenner inspired Stegosaurus? Or the Demon Carnotaurus? There are a lot of options here that would appeal to nostalgics like me that otherwise ignore color variants.

The Mattel Camp Cretaceous Gallimimus is new for 2021 but I fear is already off the shelves. If for whatever reason you didn’t get it but want to now then you’ll be forced to pay eBay prices, where it goes for about $20. I wouldn’t really consider it worth it but it’s certainly better than what the Kenner version goes for, and it won’t be getting any cheaper in the future.

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  • If I recall correctly there was both concept art and a maquette for the original film that had this coloration. Shame it never made it in the final film. Certainly was what Kenner based theirs on at the time.

    It’s nice that Mattel has paid homage to it in more then one way with the Legacy Collection having the running feature, while this has the coloration.

    Also as you mentioned it, considering the Carnotaurus at the end of FK has the coloration of the Kenner Demon Carnotaurus, and seems to be returning in Dominion, it may be likely to see a figure of it in the next year or two. I hope so as I’ve been wanting a figure of it since 2018 anyways.

  • As much as I wanted the Kenner Gallimimus back in the day (never found it, naturally), I can’t get past the lack of feathers now. It is a nice homage, though.

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