Upcoming release from Creative Beast Studio (Pt.2)

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Here are some of the images Creative Beast recently posted of the paint sample for their upcoming Beasts of the Mesozoic Utahraptor. The current projected due date for this big boy is sometime in June.

Whoever claims that feathered dinosaurs aren’t impressive or intimidating is clearly talking through their hat, as my dear old grandmother used to say.

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  • Depending on whether Halichoeres keeps this or his Safari Ltd Utahraptor, I may or may not get this. Unfortunately, I don’t know how Kickstarter works, if it’s this variant or the Cyberzoic variant Halichoeres went for, or if either will be available without having to access Kickstarter. Only time will tell, I suppose. Other than that, this is a lovely figure of a dromaeosaur and I applaud Creative Beast for this.

    • I’ve pledged for two of Creative Beast’s kickstarter campaigns. Basically, once a kickstarter campaign starts, you can pledge for whatever item that’s available or just pledge in as much cash as you like. If a campaign reaches it’s funding goal, then those pledge items will have enough money needed to be put into production. Depending on the timeline of the whole production, it’ll take somewhere between a year or two for your item to arrive at your doorstep. And you must make yourself a kickstarter account first before you can any pledge to any campaign you like to support.

      The Utahraptor Cyberzoic variant was one of the stretch goals during last year’s campaign. That raptor along with all the other stretch goal figures got fully funded. All the figures are available for preorder on it’s Backerkit website. Unlike with kickstarter, you won’t need create an account there to preorder whatever figure you want. Although I would recommend creating one since it’ll be easier to track with your order and change your address before it ships in case if you move to a new location.

      And while the BOTM Utahraptor will be in stock in about a month, the Cyberzoic version will go up in shock as early as May 2025. Both variants are currently on preorder for $70. But once they go into full stock, that price will go up to $80.

  • Can’t wait to get mine. Have both of the large Dromaeosaurids on order with BOTM!

  • Looks beautiful. Can’t believe it’s being released so soon….how time flies. My only concern with this figure, is that like a lot of the BOTM figures, it’s over scale. It’s more like 1/15 than 1/18. But it is a beauty.

    I agree about the feathered dinosaurs comment. Without feathers theropod dinosaurs can all look kinda the same, like a bunch of featherless birds would.

    But feathers give so much opportunity for colour and shape variations.

  • le seule dinosaures a plume qui sont impressionnant sont deino et therizi sinon les autre ne sont pas tres impressiont ou pas du tout impressionant en générale je parle de taille

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