Upcoming releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2017)

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This month Safari Ltd excited us all by announcing a bumper lineup of 13 new prehistoric creatures scheduled for release over the coming months. Feathers play a key part of the story with five of the new dinosaurs sporting up-to-date plumage, including some very familiar species. Close observers have also pointed out a notable overlap with species previously portrayed by Safari Ltd in their recently discontinued Carnegie Collection. This suggests that the company is intentionally replacing those familiar figures with completely new versions for their Wild Safari line. We will leave the detailed analysis for the individual figure reviews when the models are released over the coming months. In the meantime, here’s a summary of what we can look forward to from Safari Ltd for 2017…


This is Safari Ltd’s first ever version of this curve-horned ceratopsian.

Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


This is Safari Ltd’s first ever version of this early theropod.

Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


This is Safari Ltd’s first ever version of this unusual hump-backed theropod.

Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017

Feathered Velociraptor

Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017


Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017

Feathered Tyrannosaurus

Einiosaurus Wild Safari new for 2017

What a fantastic selection! Safari Ltd have pulled out all the stops with some exciting depictions and clearly have no intention of slowing down after putting the Carnegie Collection to rest. Safari Ltd have also put a special effort into the content of their website recently: each of the new dinosaurs has a dedicated page with information about its history and palaeobiology. You can check these out and see more photos on Safari Ltd’s website here. You can also join in the discussion about these new releases on our Dinosaur Toy Forum here.

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  • sarfari could do better and make more dinsosaurs per year

  • […] Wild Safari having released an absolutely stellar assortment for 2017, I thought it would be both amusing and humbling to take a trip back in time to when the line was […]

  • Awesome Job!!!! Now that T-rex, Velociraptor, and Parasaurolophus are revised, the Good Luck Minis line should really expand their dinosaur line, by adding feathered dinosaurs and more prehistoric beasts after they added Mammoths last year.

  • I’ll say this too: now that Wild Safari has new versions of T. rex and Velociraptor, it would be great to see Stegosaurus and Triceratops updated in 2018.

    Alternatively, Ankylosaurus and Torosaurus.

  • Since apparently are releasing new versions of the species removed from the carnegie line, it will be possible to make a new version of Carnotaurus in later years?

    It would be interesting to see how this new version differs from the latest model of the carnegie line Carnotaurus released in 2011.

  • At last someone has produced a decent Giganotosaurus! – top of my must-have list, and a very close second is the Velociraptor – scientifically accurate and in a naturalistic pose (take note Papo – if only that company could keep the level of detail and finish and ditch the crazy poses). And not a tripod among them. I like the trend towards the larger sizes too – the Kronosaurus is the same length as the retired Carnegie.

  • Each of these is the most accurate depiction of that particular genus in toy form, and more accurate than even most desktop models, 3D prints, and resin kits. These combine Safari’s longtime anatomical accuracy, and increasingly, sculptural detail that rivals Papo, with the boldly cutting-edge reconstructions of Collecta. This sets a new standard like the initial offerings by Invicta, Carnegie, Battat, and Papo, and firmly reestablishes Safari as the premiere dinosaur toy company.

  • Love it! Just wish the giganotosaurus wasn’t on a base…oh well

  • Safari excellent figures this year has strategically given a change of direction and once again the leading company in production and main dinosaurs.

    My congratulations.

  • good job on the new t rex except it’s hands are pronated. hopefully they change this in production.

  • Shut up and take my money, Safari!

  • This is, by far, safaris best year for dinosaur models!
    My faves are the velociraptor and the Giganotosaurus!

  • I am beyond psyched for all of these!

  • This is a whole new ball game for Safari!

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