Tyrannosaurus rex (Jurassic Park 2009 toyline)

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For Jurassic Park fans, the news of a new toy line back in May of ’09 made many excited, and others indifferent. Hasbro was going to release another line of Jurassic Park toys that was only made out of repaints. Or so we all thought……

JP fans had come across a list of the toys in the line and their prices. There was a “large tyrannosaurus” slot with a $60 mark next to it. Most JP fans expected this “rex” to be a repainted issue of the “Ultra T-rex” from the Jurassic Park 3 toy line, because its inflated price matched up with the rest of the new prices of the 2009 line. So when pictures of this retooled “Bull Rex” came out, everybody was extremely pleased and everyone was also filled with shock and awe.

Why do I say retooled? Because this figure is very different from its “ancestor” from 1997. The back legs can move, the body is made of solid plastic with a button on its back, it can’t swallow figures completely, and the ankles are ball-jointed; all are the opposite in the original “bull rex” from 1997.

Luckily, those who have always had trouble finding an original “bull rex” can have essentially the same thing but have so much more. One plus is that it has ten different movie-accurate roars and it makes stomping sounds (because no dinosaur from jurassic park can walk around without registering on the richter scale), which make it much more fun.

The sculpt is very detailed, and this dinosaur toy is HUGE. It’s 29 inches long! It really is the biggest dinosaur toy out there, maybe aside from the definitely dinosaurs “Ultrasaurus” (which is a largely poor dinosaur toy). It is full of lovely wrinkles and different textures. I love the teeth in the mouth; some are big and strong while others appear to have been cracked off, as if he has been munching on some bones (the differing teeth also make this figure more of an individual as opposed to a regular mass-produced drone like some dinosaur toys are). The eyes look kind of walleyed though, because the pupils are painted on the surface of the eye rather than sculpted in the middle. The figure has huge, slightly posable feet that are perfect for stomping around in and they also help it stand.

The color scheme is very nice too. It isn’t one found in jurassic park, so that is another characteristic that makes this seem like an individual. It’s mostly greenish with darker green patches all over, with a greyish stomach; and, obviously, the slightly obnoxious orange and brown on the head and back. There is also some lovely blue stripes outlined in black on the head. I like to think of this as a tyrannosaur that is in the mating season trying to attract some females!

Overall, this is a fantastic dinosaur toy, but it’s seriously lacking in the accuracy department. Luckily, it is only half of its original retail price as of now, so if you are thinking about getting this beast now would be the time!

This dinosaur is available from here: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3535365 (it will be less if you just go to your local store, though!) and Amazon.com (here)

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  • I choose that as my favorite Jurassic Park toy to be released in 2009.

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  • Hello,

    How do I place an order for some of these dinosaurs?

  • i just bought this T rex & the Original Jurassic PArk First T rex, on Ebay…
    the auction was 29.99 on BUY IT NOW plus $15.00 Shipping.
    i still cant believe i was the winner, cuz the auction wont last more than a day im sure about that.

  • This T-Rex is definitely cool and huge! I actually think the Definitely Dinosaurs Ultrasaurus was a good looking toy, especially for its time. And if we’re going to talk about “biggest toy out there” I think we need to at least mention the massive Dino Riders Brontosaurus. Although not as tall as the Ultra, it’s considerably longer and more robust.

  • Great figure! Picked it up at Toys r Us. 100% improvement on the old one!

  • Really nice review, thanks. And: I may be totally too old for this one but I must admit I bought it today at Toys’R’us in Germany (for €29.95) and really enjoy it.

  • ….. That’s because it’s meant to swallow figures, and besides, the tyrannosaurus in JP already had oversized heads! 😉

  • The bogy is great and so is the paint job, but the head and neck are way out of
    proportion, plus the gums look very strange. It kind of spoils the whole thing.

  • I’ll write this here in case it is useful to any of the other dinotoybloggers…

    You can set the exact image width in the advanced settings tab (delete the height and it will adjust automatically). Make sure you are linking to the original image too, not a thumbnail. Again, you can modify the image source (URL) in advanced settings. Also, I’d prefer if you remove the image links – I think they are unnecessary, you can do this in the edit image tab.

    You can also do all of the above manually in html view – you could check this post and use the code as a template.

    Alternatively, you could resize the images in photoshop before you upload them, that’s what I do, because if the images are too large they will load slower.


  • It was either really small (medium) or really large (… large) . I couldn’t find a nice in-between size. Thanks for editing them!

  • I have resized the pictures for clearer viewing.

  • I really want one of these! I’ve always been a sucker for the big Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus toys. Unfortunately, while you can buy one online from Toys R Us in the UK it’s still £50, or about 76 USD. Come on TRU, give us a break!

  • Nice review! I love this figure and was very pleasantly surprised that another JP toy line was issued recently. Very cool paint jobs on the dinos in this latest series, especially on this rex.

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