Compstegnathus (Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect by Kenner)

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Review and photographs by Sketchy, edited by Suspsy

Although the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect was far from successful upon its release, it has since generated a cult following from some hardcore collectors. One of the most well known and easiest to find of the hybrids is the Compstegnathus. A creature that is half Compsognathus and half Stegosaurus with a hint of frog mixed in. 

This figure measures 9.5 inches long from nose to tail and stands 4 inches tall. The sculpt is very flashy, with blue, black, and green along with bright yellow stripes and teeth and orange eyes. Depending on your tastes, this either makes the figure seem flashy and cool, or cartoony and cheap-looking. For me, the paint scheme is pretty cool, striking, and memorable.

Also, its action feature is one of a kind: a forked tongue that shoots out and can even grab small figures. To make it release, you push the orange lever on its back forward. Pushing back on the lever makes the tongue retract back into the mouth. If there is one problem with this action feature, it is that the tongue sometimes gets stuck when it retracts and you have to use your fingers to adjust it. Another problem is that the upper jaw is super loose and does not stay shut easily. It’ll flail about if you shake the figure and will be wide open when held upside down.

The figure’s pose is also not good since even with articulated arms and legs, there is only one pose that I have found that makes it stand, and that’s putting its extended arm on the ground, thus making the articulation rather useless. 

If I had to recommend the Compstegnathus, it would be to those who love crazy colors and take good care of their figures because the jaw seems easily breakable. To conclude this review, here are some more photos to show how it scales next to certain other JP:CE figures.

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  • Thanks again for letting me review this figure cant wait to see the Tyrannops review down the road. I might consider reviewing either the Mattel Suchomimus or the Chaos Effect Amargaspinus next but you can tell which one you’d prefer me to do.

  • I used to have both this and the Amargospinus when I was a kid. I used to think this and the Alpha raptor (which I never got, but knew some kid had) were the coolest things back then.

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