Pteranodon (Jurassic World: Dino Rivals by Mattel)

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Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

Today, we shall continue looking at the mainline Pteranodons from Mattel’s Jurassic World line, this time at the Dual Attack figure! Do I, EmperorDinobot like this figure? Read on to find out!

As I explained in my previous Mattel review here, all mainline Pteranodon figures measure 8 inches long x 16 inches wide and all sport the same general mold, but each one is more than a repaint. Every one of them is modified, and this is a running theme for all of Mattel’s JW figures, which definitely adds something nice to every repaint.

Cast in brownish-grey, this figure continues to demonstrate the fact that repaints are not always a bad thing. I actually like this deco more than the previous one, with orange and light brown wings on the top (the entire bottom of the figure is brownish-grey), a light goldenrod crest, which is why I have named this one “Bananahead,” and the best (or worst) part is that they actually took the time to paint each tooth. At least you can see them now.

As for articulation, there are no leg joints and the neck joint has been nixed altogether to accommodate the dual action figure. The wings fold inward for easy storage, and they flap when one of the buttons is pushed down. The other button opens the mouth.

It is a fun toy, as all pterosaurs should be. You can swoosh it around, flap the wings around, and attack unsuspecting prey.

If you are a completist, by all means, go look for this increasingly rare figure. Everyone who collects Mattel’s figures should have Bananahead here in their collection. And don’t forget to scan it on the aging Jurassic World Facts (ha) App.

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