Steller’s Sea Cow (Club Earth)

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The gluttony of humanity has had catastrophic effect on the flora and fauna of the world, resulting in destruction and extinction. The example here is a clear exhibition of this: the Steller’s Sea Cow, a sirenian colossus that once lived in the Bering straits, it was wiped out by Europeans within 27 years of it’s discovery, being easy to catch and full of tender meat. Here, we see an attempt to immortalise it in plastic, courtesy of Club Earth.

This figure doesn’t go for the usual all over solid grey that most use, going for a mix of grey, greenish grey and light grey, with a few spots of beige, mixing into bubble like skin patterns, similar to some modern sea creatures, a great way to camouflage itself. It’s a small figure, measuring a mere 2.6″ long and 0.9″ high, better suited to other small figure lines. The pose works for a docile animal like this, quite simple, but it works. The sculpt in general is great, picking up all it’s details and not feeling like a cheap figure.

Accuracy wise, this is near enough correct. The fluke in the tail, skull shape and rotund body are all correctly featured and work well. The only issue that crops up are the flippers, which are much wider than the stubbier ones that it should be, being more seal like than sirenian. Otherwise, not bad.

This is quite a nice little figure, worthy of taking a little space on a collectors shelf. As this Club earth line has long since ended, eBay will be your best bet. I wouldn’t over spend for it, but if you find it at a reasonable price, get it. It is worthwhile.

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  • Nice model and a good informative review. Didn’t know that they were wiped out so soon after their discovery. We really need to look after the planet better don’t we?!

  • Great little figure, the entire set is pretty good and worth hunting.
    Yeah, CollectA need to make one of this.

  • Good review. Sure wish CollectA or Safari would make a Steller’s sea cow.

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