Zhejiangosaurus (Vitae)

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While a lot of dinosaur names are quite a challenge for the laymen to be read and correctly spelled, the ones inspired by Chinese locations and names may even be a serious challenge to the dinosaur expert. Zhejiangosaurus comes as one of the easier names, but maybe one you do not really need to remember…..

The fossils related to that name were found in 2007 near Lishui, Zhejiang Province, in the subtropical parts of China. While there`s an offical holotype announced, no diagnostic features are specified, rendering the species a nomen dubium. As far as the description goes, the fossil is identified as a nodosaurid, the same family amongst Ankylosauria to which the more popular Sauropleta and Edmontonia belong. Zhejiangosaurus grew up to 4.5 metres and may have weighed around 1.5 metric tons.

Vitae had a short but glamorous life as a company and left the collectors with few figures, but these of comparable high quality. While some models were cast from resin, others are made from PVC and can even serve as toys. The Zhejiangosaurus counts amongst these.

The figure measures 17 cm in direct length, stands 4 cm high above the hips and is 4.5 cm wide at the hips, 5.5 cm including the spikes. The pose gives the figure a quite agile look, walking in a wide stride as if it has a certain target it wants to reach in time, like a mating partner or a contendor to fend off. The detailing is very fine, all spikes and scutes are reasonably sharp and pointed. There are five digits in the front feet, and four toes in the hind feet. The most prominent feature of this figure are the absurdly wide hips under a massive bony plate, it just looks so ankylosauriangood. Light chocolate brown is the main color, the belly is light tan, a modest pattern of white and reddish brown decorates the flanks.

You may recognize that the head is not original in my figure. I customized it before I thought of writing a review, because it was the only downer for me. The original face is deeply set into the skull and looks somewhat emaciated and off. I filled it, sculpted new eyes and added two pairs of scutes to the nose and brows. I am unaware and oblivious about the (possible) scientific accuracy of this feature, but I like the figure better this way.

If you want to add this nice little thyreophoran to your collection, hurry and grab one from Aliexpress. With Vitae out of business since a year or so, who knows how long supplies lasts?!

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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  • Vitae’s Zhejiangosaurus is one of the best figures that the Vitae brand made along with its giganotosaurus. It is a great nodosaur and is honestly a highly recommended figure and when I bought it it was quite affordable.

    • Es una excelente figura,muy fina y detallada para el tamaño, vitae en general tiene excelentes figuras algunas como el chilantaisaurus excelente para algún custom de Megaraptor

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