Liopleurodon (DinoValley Series 2) (Chap Mei)

As recently featured on the Plesiosaur Directory toys page, there is a new Liopleurodon toy on the scene. Considering the rarity of Liopleurodon toys, and coupled with the huge popularity of this pliosaur, this Liopleurodon figure is sure to be a collector’s item. It’s part of the second series of Dinovalley, produced by Chap Mei. The Dinovalley series is similar to the 1990s Jurassic Park line by Kenner, in that it includes all manner of human figures and vehicles. The Liopleurodon is accompanied by a boat, two human figures, a floating cage, and all sorts of accessories – in fact, the pliosaur is a small part of the set – but it’s the only reason I bought it 😉


The flippers are not posable (the only joint on the whole figure is the jaw joint), and both fore and hind limbs are orientated downwards, the forelimbs slightly more so. The tail also points downwards so that at rest, the figure is supported by the two forelimbs and the tail, with the hind-limbs hovering. The colour is nice, partly based on Walking with Dinosaurs, but there are unique areas too – rows of raised light blue scutes along the animals back, there is plenty of detail on the head (teeth, eyes, a lovely long pink tongue!) but in contrast, the tail and hind limbs have no paint at all and appear as if they were stuck on as an afterthought. This seems to be common amongst Chap Mei figures. The figure is a substantial size at 26cm long.


The jaws have a snapping action, activated by a button on the back. The figure is rather cartoony but as cartoon pliosaurs go, it is pretty accurate. So where do you get it? I found mine in a local Tesco, and I spotted it in the UK in the ELC. So far I have failed to find it on the web – as soon as I do, I will link to it from here. If anybody can help, please let me know…


Overall, a nice figure, but with a number of typical Chap Mei caveats.

Available from here

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This blog entry was updated on the 06/02/08, original post date: 21/11/07

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  5. Marc (Horridus)

    I imagine the tails are short to avoid taking up too much space in the packaging, and ‘cos they figure kids aren’t too bothered about tails – it’s the business end that they care about!

  6. Cool figure. Just a question about the Chap Mei line in general: Why are the tails on their figures so small? And following on, how much longer would I have to make the tails on the Pentaceratops & Suchomimus so they are in scale with the rest of the body?

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  8. Wow it’s so beautiful, looks like the one in Walking with Dinosaurs!

  9. I found mine under the Animal Planet label for 7.00 in a Nashville TRU…not bad at’s pretty much like if Kenner had decided to do one for the JP line..really cool piece.

  10. Very nice colors this guy has. Wouldn’t mind owning one. 🙂

  11. Just as an FYI – here in Denmark the Toys R Us carries the entire Chap Mei line – most of these are on Christmas special now – and this particular set can be had for 100 DKK.

    I hate to see people paying out the nose for these when they are so easy to be had in this area.

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  14. I like them, but the proporsions is very bad.

  15. sent you an email with a picture of the box. Thought you might like to load it on your web site. I have come across a web site called. However they don’t sell the toys. Hope it helps. If I find any I will let you know.

  16. Hi Katie – have you tried the Early Learning Centre?
    I saw it in there a while back too.

    Unfortunately I am not a distributor, so I can’t help directly, but I will link to the product when/if it comes up for sale on the web. Let me know if you do find it…

    Good luck.

  17. Hi. I’ve been up to my local Tesco’s in Devon looking for this toy. My son would be over the moon with this. However I can not find one in Devon. I’d love to buy one too. Liopleurodon’s would really make my son’s christmas.
    Your site / info. is the nearest i’ve got to finding one on the WWW.

  18. Hey, I didn’t get any email, nor can I see your address – mine is available here:

  19. If you can see my email, could you please drop me a line, and we could discuss the whole matter.

  20. I payed E16.99, not bad considering the size of the package – I will put a photo of the packae online soon. There were plently more when I was there last time, but I’m not keen on buying and reselling. maybe I should be… 😉

  21. I’m rather curious, would you be able to acquire another one? In that case, could you tell me the price?

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